green jobfish

green jobfish

the green thongs strike again

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Thu, 2006-08-31 09:56

Wow !!!

that looks like one tuff fish , what are the fighting and eating qualities of that fish .

Looks like they have some nice teeth as well.


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Thu, 2006-08-31 10:04

Hey Maverick...they do look pretty a bulldog with fins...plenty of teeth and lots of go...really good lure and jig takers, and a great table fish...grow to 30-40lb I think...I've seen one 14kg specimen that was an impressive fish but the average is 3-8kg. Very striking fish straight out of the water.
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Nice fish, catch many red

Thu, 2006-08-31 10:53

Nice fish, catch many red bass around there ??

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red bass

Thu, 2006-08-31 11:56

Great fish, shame you can't eat them though...plenty of them there, especially around the lagoons...some really big bruisers around the larger bommies....although I reckon trout go harder pound for pound
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Fri, 2006-09-01 07:24

caught a couple of those in java at a place called grajagan pretty tasty little guys!