My first GT

My first GT

No monster but it's good to finally nail my first.

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First of many Jay!!!!

Fri, 2007-05-25 22:33

Nice fish, my guess is you will break your PB on the next one.


Andy Mac



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at least

Sat, 2007-05-26 13:04

its what you were after jay...good stuff just have to work on the size now....hehehe....nah it looks like you had a good tussle with him

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Definately gonna be easy to

Sat, 2007-05-26 18:21

Definately gonna be easy to beat my PB lol..

"at least its what you were after jay"

That's right mate, so satisfying. Just gotta work on getting some bigger ones now... can't wait til I can buy my own boat then I'll be able to target them more exclusively.

Jay Burgess