Shallow dhuie

Shallow dhuie

Travelled a couple of hours north of Perth, Jurien way for two days fishing, but the winds prevented us from heading out wide. We just berleyed up inshore and caught a feed of herring the first day, but that was about it. A school of norwesters turned up which I thought would be fun... guess not (when they run, they go allright on light gear, but they rarely ran). An eagle ray gave a good fight on 4lb (seeing as they fight more like a fish than a ray).

Second day consisted of much the same with skippy hanging out in our berley trail instead. Started jigging, and managed to get a good fish taking a lot of runs on my light line (12lb, but was fishing as if 4lb). Turned out to be this nice 3.8kg dhuie. Single hook through the nostril too

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Fri, 2009-03-06 15:00

love the white shirt my wife would have a heart attack shares in nappysan would be the go , nice dew on the jig!top effort!

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yeah, nice fish mate

Fri, 2009-03-06 17:33

yeah, nice fish mate