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nice fish

Tue, 2006-01-24 23:05

nice fish mate, bit disappointed with the shirt thou.. lol ;)

i'll have to get onto those shirts bloody soon after looking at that!

Found that photo of the infamous walpole bream from the jetty, will post it up soon!

Bout time you got out on the water.


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Sorry Ads

Wed, 2006-01-25 08:31

Sorry mate bout the shirt. You should try and put a censorship logo over the top. We finally got out after all the bloody cyclones, wind and rain. Nothing too much for the day, however we ended up with about half a dozen smaller emperor. Atleast we got out fishing!! Happy days!! I do have that same photo, that would be good!

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Old School

Wed, 2006-01-25 09:58

Hahaha, its no big deal.. Just a reminder that i've got to get onto it.

Photo brings back a few memories!

Big Black Bream - 1991
This is "spooled" and myself back in 1990 with a 3.3 pound bream that took both of us to catch on a handline off the Walpole jetty.


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I still have that photo at

Fri, 2006-01-27 10:18

I still have that photo at home. I was going to post it on the site about a month just never got round to it. Remember that fish very clearly of the Walpole Jetty!! Good pic!