I had to do up some t-shirts a couple of years ago for a work promo for a new soil surfactant eg like Wettasoil...but for farmers. The boss gave me the job of doing up some artwork and getting them made up pronto....the guys and I in market did the artwork up in 3 hours and 7 stubbies latter....the results

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Fri, 2005-09-09 23:36

the boss spun out when he saw what we came up with....were told to not give them out...eg offensive...but it was toooooo late, we had already given a few away....people loved them...had one chick spin her lid...but you always get one....

Anyway the t-shirts (50 or more) got slowly pilfered from work....I started to see them in the OBH, a bloke wearing one at Wagin Woolarama and the girl at reception recons she say one at the footy.......

Best advertising we ever did.....I still have crew come and ask me if I have any left!!

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Hahaha Salmo

Sat, 2005-09-10 18:09

A classic catch line goes a long way..

Not that much to get upset about really.. Just a little innuendo - depends how you want to take it, always a few that can't handle a bit of fun..


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In my younger days we had a

Fri, 2007-02-02 14:42

In my younger days we had a poster on the wall for soil wetting agent that went along those lines. Can't remember it all but this pic just brought all the memories back. Something about going deep...
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