TT's Salmon

TT's Salmon


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Great fish TT

Mon, 2006-05-01 10:19

Take it thats a new PB TT? Great to see that you got into a couple of them, great fun on the light gear hey? :)


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Well Done.

Mon, 2006-05-01 12:08

Good onya Karl, that's a nice looking fish mate and caught not too far from the boat ramp by the looks of it.


Andy Mac



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fishing gear

Mon, 2006-05-01 13:45

thanks fella's

I can tell you that it is my PB, biggest fish to date.
gear was - reel GX 4000 jarvis walker, line jarvis walker 15lb 6.8kg, rod jarvis walker solid glass flinders 4 to 10kg class, hooks No 5 gangs, bait mulies.

thats all we had to use, now I know I will be after a couple of rods up to the 10kg mark.

Andy, less than 2 minutes to ramp via boat.



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Thu, 2006-05-11 17:32

This is a pretty good pic!

Same mistakes most make - lose the sunny's for the photo - put em up on your hat!

Use of fill flash is good!

Roll fish back toward angler at top to get more side into the light, and more eye visible as the focus point!

With background - lose the bridge - either zoom camera tighter and step back to get a narrower field of view thus eliminating the bridge or take the boat a fraction closer to the bridge!

For an architecture / engineering magazine framing a shot with a man made structure like bridge might be a winner but for general angling publications it's better if we can lose the bridge!

Focus point is not quite right, I suspect focus is either back on anglers face or just forward of fish? Eye & nose of fish just aren't quite sharp...they need to be for publication.

Shimano Hats OK - unless a magazine isn't sponsored / carrying Shimano advertising...which is rare these days, as most are, so probably publication wouldn't be an issue!

Still a damn good fish and a pretty good photo.

Just hoping my comments are tken as constructive criticism & help make the next one even better!