Water separator

Water separator

Fitted this CAV water separator to the rear transom of the tinnee and took it out and tested it on the bay this week Laughing

Has a 'thumb-screw' underneath to allow any water on the bottom bowel to be easily released, as sometimes it's weeks between use and I always refill the fuel tanks with 2-stroke after each use, so it's ready for any early morning expedition out there looking for those elusive fish I see on here, but not out there - yet Cry


When I return home I always run the motor to flush out salt-water and remove the top fuel line to let the motor run out of fuel, then replace the fuel line again leaving it connected to the motor, but the lower pick-up line and hand pump is left laying under the floor and only connected a tank when they are in the back of the boat.


( any thoughts on this set-up are welcome )



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