Oceanside Tackle and Marine FW Members DISCOUNTS

Oceanside Tackle and Marine are proud to be a sponsor and supporter of Fishwrecked.com


In return, All Fishwrecked members are offered a discount and can participate in FW website Specials.


Being a Fishwrecked member entitles you to a discount (bait excluded). Your best bet is to head down to Oceanside Tackle and Marine and speak to our very helpful staff. Make sure you mention your a FW member so we can apply your discount's. 

The Oceanside Team consist of experienced anglers who fish every week and are very dedicated to Fishing & Boating


Oceanside Tackle offers:

** Experienced Staff in the industry

** Specializing in Jigging for demersal species

** Specializing in Jigging for Super Deep species

** Specializing in Super Deep Fishing ie Bass/Hapuku/Blue-eye Trevalla etc

** FREE Knots & Rigging demos

** FREE PR Bobbin Knot demos

** Helping anglers on "How to target selected species"

** All Game-fishing Tips & Rigging

** Info on "What's biting & where"

** Diverse selection of Fresh Bait

Come see the guys who use the gear not just sell it - Advice, Knowledge, Experience.........that's our difference!


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Our prices are competitive with the big guys but advice, knowledge, experience and great customer service is something very unique to us/independent WA tackle shop.

We target demersal on jigs alot and therefore carry a very large range also.

Opening hours;

Monday to Friday 8.30am - 6pm

Saturday 8am - 5pm

Sunday 9am - 5pm 

** Please note > Winter time ie June/July/August our closing time changes to 5.30pm (Mon - Friday)


 Demersal jigs like;


Super Deep 750g & 1kg








Ima Ro


Daiwa Pirates

Micro jigs

Including jig hooks/assist's/rings/splits/cord etc

 Jigging Rods like;




Hearty Rise


Abu Salty Stage

Fishing WA Extreme


We also stock a huge range of squid jigs including Yo Zuri, Gancraft, Harimitsu,Breaden and more. In store you will find a good range of squid rods from cheap to upmarket and they also stock plenty of reels (egi versions included). Last but not least, we stock a solid range of egi pouches, egi bags, egi accessories, egi braid, egi gaffs,egi clips, the Squidezy tools and more instore.

Also other gear like  Shimano/Daiwa/Penn/Hearty Rise/Eupro/Abu/Okuma/Silstar/Pflueger/Banax/Rapala/Richter/FWA Graphite rods/Halco/Fisherman/McArthy Softplastics/Snapbacks/Pelagic Lures/Maria/Yamashita/Yo-Zuri/Gancraft/Berkley/Uglystik/Weezel poppers/River2sea/Swibo/Victorinox/Gamakatsu/Mustard and many many more instore.

To all the many current Fishwrecked members who support us Thankyou. To any new members just pop in and say hello, please make sure you let us know that you're a Fishwrecked member to allow us to apply your discounts. 

Come see the guys who use the gear, not just sell it - Advice, Knowledge, Experience.........that's our difference!  


******* OPEN 7 DAYS *******


4/364 South Street,
O'Connor, Perth WA
Ph# (08) 9337 5682


Oceanside Team - Specializing in Jigging for demersal, Super Deep Fishing and Cockburn Sound Pink Snapper.

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Phone #(08) 9337 5682 - Shop 4/364 South Street O'Connor - OPEN 7 Days