Sambo from the Southern Rocks

Sambo from the Southern Rocks

Caught this Sambo plus two others from the rocks down South weekend just gone. Great fun in such shallow water. We got 3 for the arvo, two released and I kept this one as it was a bit roughed up (sorry about the blood but couldn't help it)

Caught on Live Herring. They wouldn't take anything else for some reason. We threw softies at them as well as slices but all they wanted was the Livie. We had a good burley going and they were coming up feeding at the base of the rock.

I estimated this one at 15 kilo and the two larger fish we estimated at being 20+ - awesome session.

I don't normally keep Sambo's but because this guy was hacked up I obviously kept it and was surpised at how good it was.

To finish the session we got spooled by a Bronzie which was a bugger but it gives us the story of...the one that got away.


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 Epic fish mate, not a bad

Thu, 2013-11-14 21:07

 Epic fish mate, not a bad backdrop either. 

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 Jealous mate, nice report

Fri, 2013-11-15 07:27

 Jealous mate, nice report too! 


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