1.5 metre fish cooler bags

 I currently own a big Madfish cooler bag. great bit of kit, but I am chasing something a bit smaller and more compact, to fit in the underfloor storage of the Reefrunner. Overall length, from memory is 1450mm, so something between 1400 and 1500, and not too bulky would be ideal, as it has  to get stuffed into one hatch then dragged along. I've seen some cheaper bags around that would fit the bill, anyone know of any that are stocked in Perth?

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 what size madfish bag you

Sun, 2018-06-24 14:09

 what size madfish bag you got? sounds like the medium bag would be ideal.

 i can measure mine if you like


mine is only 1100 roughly


lucky i love to fish because i cant catch any.



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I have the large one, about 1700 long

Sun, 2018-06-24 17:50

 just too long and bulky to fit in. I've seen some of the cheaper ones, not as thick or strong as the madfish, but would be ideal to stuff in a kill tank/

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Ended up with a 1.5 m Wilson

Thu, 2018-07-26 08:27

 Son was coming up a week behind us, so got him to order it online, $87 delivered, worked a treat in the underfloor storage box, using frozen milk bottles.

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I have the madfish bags,

Thu, 2018-07-26 09:41

I have the madfish bags, which serve a good purpose. But have the same issue as you and sometimes want a more versatile bag that can fit in a fishbox. Unfortunately the madfish size range is limited and restrictive.

I then went out and bought the Chiller Fish Bags, which are much more dynamic in size and ability to fit in fish boxes. Just as good in all other aspects including durability etc. Link and measurements of options here:


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They look the goods

Thu, 2018-07-26 11:08

 The insulation values and toughness of the Madfish bag , whilst great on deck, end up being a negative if you need to fit them under floor. The Wilson I bought won't hold a slurry, as it zips completely open and flat. But then, this also makes it very easy to clean. When we camp at Ningaloo, we have to rely on a half dozen frozen milk bottles a day, and it works well for that.

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Thu, 2018-07-26 14:41

Hi guys,


Madfish have just released four new sizes so might be worth checking them out. They are lower and wider at the base now which is good and there is a new size between small and the old medium





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 I have a midi and mini

Thu, 2018-07-26 17:36


I have a midi and mini chiller bag from bluebottle - good bags and still going strong - bought online






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