200HP Yamaha F200GETX - Motor Dies - Oil Pressure Issue?

 Have a 2015 200hp Yamaha F200GETX.  Was cruisng at around 3,600RPM and then put the throttle down a bit more, aiming for about 4,200RPM and the motor cut out.  No alarm, errors... nothing.  Checked the motor over - water flowing, no overheating etc...  Started and took it easy trying to see if anything unusual happening.  Got up to around the same rev's, then went to step it up to about 4,200RPM again and it cuts out once more.  This time, i noticed very quickly that the oil pressure was showing low - but no alarm.

Checked everything over again and ended up cruising in @3,500 RPM.  Oil pressure was showing fine all the way in.

Checked the oil level again when home - 3/4 full.  Oil appears clean.  I'm thinking maybe a pressure sensor or the oil pump - but also not sure if i caught the oil pressure gauge at a moment when it is reading low, which could mean this is a total red herring.  Any other ideas?  Waiting to get the diagnostic tool which should be arriving next week.

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By the Sounds of things

Sat, 2020-06-20 06:58

 Definitely something with oil pressure sensor. Maybe take it out, and give it a good clean out with some brake and parts cleaner / electrical contact cleaner. When you take it out, you might find a more slightly underlying matter, like a corroded terminal connector or something to that effect. Once you have given the sensor a good clean (on the side sensing the oil pressure) reinstall and test. You will probably have to test on the water though because it is likely to only fault under load. 




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 Thanks for that. Sounds like

Sat, 2020-06-20 12:45

 Thanks for that. Sounds like a plan. Will give it a clean.

yeah, I think it will only be the sea trials when we see if it's fixed.