ABU Ambass 7000i conversion done - from level-wind to conventional.

Finished my little project this afternoon.

Bought a ABU 7000i, unfortunately was the level-wind model, so had to change to conventional.

Also replaced the mag plate and took 2 brakes off for more distance.

Check my baby.

Photo 1 - Level wind

Photo 2 - remove levelwind and gear / pin & fit new CT S/steel bar

Photo 3 - hacksaw thru top bar and push ends out to rplace with s/steel caps

Photo 4 - ready to assemble

Photo 5 - ready to go fishing!!!


Every day at the Beach is a Good day!

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Nice one. Gotta love new

Wed, 2011-11-09 14:31

Nice one. Gotta love new toys. Now let us know how far you cast.