access noth of two rocks

Notice to those that like hitting the beaches north of Two Rocks, the developers have blocked access with rocks to the track leading to The shacks and other fishing spots along that way this might be the start to access being denied thru that area be wary in that area as the farmer who has the adjoining property doesn't like trespassers!



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The private land owners can

Sun, 2013-02-24 22:32

The private land owners can only block access through the private land that is north of Two Rocks town.

You can still access all of Wilbinga/FlatRocks/Shacks area from the Wanneroo Rd side on Wilbinga Rd which is about 300m north of Military Rd intersection. Original Wilbinga Rd came out opposite Military Rd but DEC blocked it off and moved the access 300m north because of a few accidents of cars pulling out of there. In saying that people still persit in driving over the dirt mounds and around the rocks at the old entrance, when the new access track 300m north is compact gravel and very nice. Go figure.

This land is all Conservation Park/Reserve or Proposed Conservation Park/Reserve(currently Unallocated Crown Land apparently), right to the coast that is administered by DEC. As of a week ago when i checked you are still fine to access through there, just the say to stick to formed tracks and be in a road registered vehicle.