Adding a Hull extension pod to my Barron Sportsman

 hi guys thinking of adding a hull extension alloy pod to my Barron sportsman to give me more deck space and remove the formed fibreglass seats and enginewell and putting the transom back to full height 


this will ill give me more deck space and allow for 2 live bait tanks cutting board and battery storage ect across the transom area 


has anyone dine this to their barron or other boats thanks 

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Do your homework on this one

Tue, 2017-11-07 07:56

 Make sure it’s either a FULL pod or even better still a hull extension. I put a pod on my Penguin Phantom and made the fatal mistake of going for a partial pod. It’s good in the aspect that everything is moved off the rear of the boat, makes for lots of extra deck space and de clutters everything. Downside is that the buoyancy is roughly the same of outboard weight,she sits down a little in the bum at rest and I’m thinking of removing pod and turning it into a full pod giving me roughly an extra 100-120 litres of buoyancy which would make a big difference . It works well but I could have thought it out a little better in the planning stage . Especially if you’re going to adding extra weight kill tanks batteries etc etc etc 


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Re pod / hull extension

Tue, 2017-11-07 08:22

Yes my pod will follow the  bottom of the hull line  and full width to prevent any possible problems like you explain 

thanks for your reply 

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Tue, 2017-11-07 21:05

 There is a formula (mathematical) to work out how much area is required to maintain buoyancy at a certain level.

I did look it up once but it was way way over my head to work out.

You would need to talk to someone who is very good in maths or a marine structural engineer .

Formula is on the web.

Gravity,or should i say the force of gravity comes into the equation (believe it or not).