Additional Assist and tail hooks

 I have noticed not too many FW members rig up additional hooks (extra assist, single tail hooks) on to their knife jigs when jigging for dermersals.

Is this frowned apon within the jigging elitist?;

or is it a pain in the balls with too much gear affecting the way the jig swims?;

or is it not required?;

are there rules as to how many hooks you are allowed to attach to your jig?

Your thoughts and comments are welcomed.



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I don't rig head and tail, it

Sun, 2011-01-23 18:20

I don't rig head and tail, it seems unnecessary, and for sambos it could mean two fish which no one really needs.

I fish light twinned head-rigged assists for demersal jigs sometimes, but not always.

I usually don't find a second hook means more or better hookups. It does seem to lead to more tangles and getting stuck on the bottom though ;)


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Sun, 2011-01-23 18:21

Snags are the main problem with bottom hooks. Generally only need the one hook.

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I use 2 hooks off the top for

Sun, 2011-01-23 19:39

I use 2 hooks off the top for demersals most of the time but never use a tail hook. The 2nd assist off the top nearly always grabs the fish sometime during the fight offering a little extra insurance.

or it can mean 2 tasty fish one the one jig, see below if you don't believe me!


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Top trout pair, not sure

Sun, 2011-01-23 20:43

Top trout pair, not sure about that other two holding them though ;)