Adventure world ADULTS ONLY pool party

feb 10th
gates open 1830 to 0000
prepaid tickets from either adventure world or live clothing $36 or at the gate 4 $40
NO BYO but shhhh u can sneak it in if your clever hehe

i have been to the last 4 and they are a blast good live bands girls in bikinis hhhmmmmmmmmm bikinis

come one come all to a sick party

should get a fw crew down there for a nite of fun..........and perving lol

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how did i know you were

Sun, 2007-01-28 20:02

how did i know you were gonna start this thread scott haha

id be there if i wasnt flyin over seas that night! I heard a few were in even less than bikinis last time ;) haha as for sneaking in drinks "is that a bulliet in your pants or are you happy to see me?" Better hope the waters not cold hey scott ? haha

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haha sounds like it would be

Sun, 2007-01-28 20:03

haha sounds like it would be a wiked night out :)

Jay Burgess

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tricks if the trade

Sun, 2007-01-28 20:40

you get a 2mt length of clear tube 50mm cap at one end tap at other round ya neck under ya shirt in each leg of ya bordies!!

also doubles as a good funnel but bullit funnels hurt bad

ya can even walk around and piss ya pants if the que 4 the toliet is too big hahah yes done it before!!

last yr i chipped both my elbows ging down the tunnel of terror made me piss i thought id broken my elbows took 4 weeks 4 the pain to stop

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Rain Check

Sun, 2007-01-28 20:47

If theres other people like you there Street I think I'll take a rain check! :) heheheh.


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Now now Adam I remember a

Thu, 2007-02-01 09:38

Now now Adam

I remember a time (not in the to distant past) when chasing the bikini clad girlies was more like a full time profession for you and your associated posse .

Good luck to you street ... i wish i could still do it