Advice please regarding beach fishing north of the river

hi new here, returning from fishing since a kid. i thought id try my luck for some advice about beach fishing from around the Floreat/Swanbourne drain up to Trigg.


i usually try my luck on a paternoster with mullies on a gang around the drain.  usually this bags me 2-4 herring, although not many in the past few trips.  i generally had better luck with smaller bait.  i have also caught a few small whiting once in a while using small long shank hooks with a bit of squid.


does any body have any advice to increase the variety of fish in my bucket?  ive read up on minnows, poppers and metals.  do any of these work around Trigg where there is more rock? otherwise what baits work well for you?



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first off , welcome to the

Tue, 2009-06-23 04:59

first off , welcome to the site. instead of using mullies on a large gang try going down a few sizes and use either whitebait or bluebait, this might increase your hookup rate . even going down in bait size you should still be able to get tailor if they are around and also there would be a chance of skippy , sometimes big baits aren't the best, i'm no beach fishing expert but its worth giving it a go


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Hi Gumby and welcome

Tue, 2009-06-23 08:44

The beach fihing at the moment has been a little bit quiet in thosr areas. But keep perservering. Try throwing one of the herring or whiting you catch on a hook on a big rod and let it sit there while you keep fishing with your other rod. Russ is spot on with the bluebait, the hook ups at this time of the year appear to be more conistent with those smaller baits.
Lures will work, but you want to have the right conditions. ie, not a howling south wester or any weed.

Make sdure you use burley when you go fishing as it will increase your cvhances of getting a good catch.
All the best, Colin Hay

PM if you want any more info


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hey mate,i would stay away

Tue, 2009-06-23 15:39

hey mate,

i would stay away frm floreat drain... real hotspot for break ins.. i refuse to go there now... used to fish brighton rd beach just south of scarbs every weekend for a few years with the old boy... early mornings before the beach goers... just used mulies and always caught tailor mulloway or herring.. skippy occasionally.. and through in shovel nose, rays... really deep gutters during winter.. if u wanted to chase smaller species they always there with a lil burley. umm u planning just the metro beaches or interested in going further north up to yanchep/two rocks??


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i have seen quite a bit of

Tue, 2009-06-23 16:53

i have seen quite a bit of glass down near floreat drain, so i was wanting to keep away from there, although i seem to have more luck there than scarb beach groynes.

i prob wouldnt go past north beach or maybe hillaries as i cant be bothered driving in this weather. i have been as far south as freo moles however.


ill try blue/white bait thanks for the tip.


in regards to my rig; i use a 3 way swivel for my paternoster and it seems to get tangled quite easily.  usually the lead i tie is about 40-60cm and below maybe 10cm for the sinker.  any advice on how i can change it or other rigs that tangle less?


thanks for the advice so far!

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Depending on the weather and the weed gumby

Tue, 2009-06-23 20:30

I would be giving Trigg Beach a try. Either 50 or so metres to the south of the reef, or in the big gutter and rip that is normally in front of the surf club.

There will still be some resident salmon hanging around and if you are willing to fish there at night you would be a good chance of getting something decent I would think.

Try a few different baits, mulies, bluebait, whole squid, or something fresh like a herring, and throw it out into the gutters. Sometimes it can be a fair wait until you hook into something big, but it will be worth it. And you can improve your chances by making sure that you use burley.


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