AFL Footy Draft Lottery

 What do you reckon about introducing a draft lottery to help fight against tanking? Every club in the AFL has a chance to win the #1 pick, albeit the teams that finish last have a significantly greater chance than the teams that finish in the top of the ladder (like 1% vs 45%). Just like in some of the US leagues like the NHL, each club has a certain number of tickets in a raffle depending on where they finished. I think the raffle also determines the order of the draft for the teams that did not get the #1 pick, so as far as I'm aware, if you finish last, you might not get a pick until later in the top 5 choices depending on how the draft order plays out with the lottery.

i think it would be a huge measure to fight against tanking because the last few teams would each have a big chance of getting the highest pick- but not guaranteed. With the way things currently are, if you don't Win the flag you may as well finish last and have all the best players in the country without any risk.

what do you think?

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 Yup sounds good but your

Thu, 2014-07-31 07:11

 Yup sounds good but your still being rewarded for finishing at the bottom. I think there should be a cap as to how many years you get number 1 picks for finishing bottom of ladder. Example if Melbourne stays bottom 4 for 3 years straight they don't get number 1 picks in 4th year 

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I used to think that...

Thu, 2014-07-31 09:44

But look at this season - no tanking around. Brisbane playing well, Saints beat Dockers.


The Draft is the most effective way of balancing teams in the long run. If your team truly is terrible, and you didn't get a pick until pick 5, that would not help anywhere near as much as pick 1 and 2.


Just punish teams if you think they are tanking, eg fine coach $200 000, maybe with the fine suspended on first suspicion in a season (that should change their strategy). It is no big deal (except for Dream Team) if a bottom team doesn't try that hard to win the last game of the season against second bottom, I think people can get over that.


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Not going to work

Thu, 2014-07-31 10:01

 the draft was desigined to even out the comp and despite some results in recent years - it generally has worked. Getting rid of the automatic priority pick for bottom placed team was the right move. 

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 agreed with no

Wed, 2014-08-06 16:37

 agreed with no lottery....though i do believe in draft day trading.....its a joke you cant do that yet


how ever if they were going to do the lottery.

The Top 8 teams wouldnt be invovled i would have to assume, there positions are set. and the lottery would have to be out of the teams not finishing in the top 8


pros and cons of it all, anyway you do it really, though i am really into my NBA and a few years back my beloved New Jersy Nets (now brooklyn nets) finished with a record of 12-70.....2nd worse in NBA history i think in terms of % of won games. They got the No. 3 pick in the lottery. i was gutted.


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 I'm still not convinced that

Wed, 2014-08-06 20:16

 I'm still not convinced that top draft picks equates to success in the ensuring years.  Firstly it depends on the quality of the draft.  And then there will always be exception to what you expect.  Examples fyfe second round draft pick.  Brett heady I think went at something like #72??? And there are many more.  There certainly should not be priority picks for consecutive finishes down the bottom.  If they want to even out the competition....  DO away with the cola...  since whenwhen does it cost more to live in sydney than melbourne or perth or adelaide or Brisbane???


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