Alternator/Fuse/Charging issues with Hilux



Hit some water yesterday that has caused me some grief.... 


Turned the Hilux off couple of minutes after going through the water and it was like I had a flat battery, Car started but laboured...


Hour later, nothing at the key...


Jump started and limped home with wiper, lights etc all barely working....


Fuseable link seems fine, 


Only getting 12.2v when running at the battery which obviously tells me alternator isn't working how it should but unless they are piss weak i wouldn't have thought hitting a puddle would be enough to cook the alternator?


Anyone had this before or got any ideas, 


Cheers in advance....

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 the new 70 series has issues

Sat, 2019-08-17 16:47

 the new 70 series has issues with mud and alternators as they sit very low

try rinsing and spraying a good contact cleaner

check its not only the diode, regulator/rectifier part of alternator

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Sat, 2019-08-17 17:02

More than likely fried/cooked the brushes on the back of the alternator. Pick new ones up at Ashdowns for $20 

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 Doubt its the alternator, it

Sat, 2019-08-17 18:36

 Doubt its the alternator, it would have started as normal straight after being turned off otherwise not "laboured a couple of minutes after"


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 Didn't drive anywhere all

Sat, 2019-08-17 19:05

 Didn't drive anywhere all day until later this arvo and she seems all A-OK....




Thanks for the input anyway as usual!!