ambers and sambo jigs

 last weekend me and a mate smashed the ambers and sambos out behind rotto we were using octo and lucanis jigs it was a first for me and loved it i've got a sneaky $300 put away for some new jigs fishin bout 300ft what jigs should be on the list runnin 40lb and 80lb set ups any suggestions will help completly new to this


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If your anywhere near

Thu, 2013-08-29 19:34

If your anywhere near Oceanside Tackle drop in there for a chat. Josh and blake are really helpful.


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Main thing is to match the

Thu, 2013-08-29 20:24

Main thing is to match the jig weight to the rod and then depth.

For 40lb gear in 300 ft depth, around 160-200 g jigs best. 80 lb gear, 250-300 g.

We find the sambos like speed so any long speed jig is good. Ambers more fussy, and tend to like more expensive flutter jigs a but more but it changes....some days we find only 1 angler with a specific jig type or jig motion gets ambers, everyone usually get sambos. Ambers definitely fussier.

Nothing wrong with cheap as chips searocks.....everyone laughs, but they are more than adequate for sambers. When fussy, I resort to Haoli's.........


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 Ambers usually a bit higher

Fri, 2013-08-30 06:48

 Ambers usually a bit higher in the water column too.



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