Annual family holiday to Exmouth

 Gday all,

Here are a few photos and details our annual camping trip to Exmouth...

We left home Friday arvo (last day of the school term) and drove to Galena bridge - arriving at about 1am for a few hours sleep... about 2km out from Exmouth we shredded a trailer tyre, and then about 600m from the caravan park the clutch started slipping in the car (the joys of towing a 1982 Quintrex with a 198& Landcruiser)...

The first couple of days were pretty quiet - sorting the car and tyres, but we got out to Cooper Shoal and lost a few lures to Macks, had a Spaniard 'torpedo' out of the water in front of us, had 2 big tigers eat a Spaniard next to the boat, and finally landed a little Spotted Mack for tea...

We spend most of our time down the bottom of the gulf, and the spring tides made it tough! The water was filthy! We managed a few Cod on lures and I speared a couple of Bluebone and Jacks, but next year I will try for neaps!

After 10 days it was time to head home - straight into a headwind for most of the trip - so I was forced to sit on 90 to keep the temps under control..... getting passed by every grey nomad in their 200 series towing massive vans....

Until next trip!!!....



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some great "family" pics

Fri, 2017-04-21 17:31

some great "family" pics lol

cool write up and a few very decent fish
good stuff


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 Someone has to take the

Fri, 2017-04-21 17:49

 Someone has to take the photos!!!


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 Good trip reportCant knock

Fri, 2017-04-21 18:25

 Good trip report

Cant knock the 60 series. Travelled round australia in 1. Tough as nails


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100 series

Fri, 2017-04-21 19:24

Got a standard 100 series diesel and I have the same issue towing a 6m boat. On the plus side, start it, drive where you want, turn it off, repeat = bulletproof.

Ps. also dreaming of a V8 diesel 200 series.


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 Thanks BJ and Gray!i have

Fri, 2017-04-21 20:01

 Thanks BJ and Gray!

i have done the trip (all towing the same boat) in a hzj 80 1hz - both without and with diesel gas injection, a 100 1hdfte with 4 speed auto, a hj60 with the 2H, and the current hj61 with the 12ht....

Before I left on this trip I added a Redarc coolant temp gauge - which is normally about 88degrees, however the temp got up to 95 (in 38 degree heat) - which caused me to slow down to try to keep it under 90. If I didn't have the Redarc gauge I probably would have kept to 100 for the whole trip...

The hj61 now has 529000k's on it, and didn't use any oil on the trip and got about 14L/100...


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Were things better in the 60,s?

Sat, 2017-04-22 17:28

Gday , sounds like a good trip , at least you found any weaknesses in your rig!

I take it the trailer tyre maybe lost some air , ran flattish for a bit and then blew? i have never had one do that to me, so just wondering.

I have a gq 4.2 that I home  turboed and tuned at 440,000, I had a h/d clutch fitted ( safari tuff clutch, $400 on special) and fitted a new h/d radiator a few years back, however

I have found that If I take it out once a year before summer or big towing trip , and hose all the fine bugs , dirt and roadgrime , it runs cooler and more consistent,

being doing it for 5 years now and the rad still looks good.

I run hankook atm tyres ( bulletproof compared to others I have had) and with 2 newish A.G.M batterys , this old girl ( nearly 500,000 now) I would trust to tow our large

quad trailer and quads to the moon and back.

I also tow it regularly offroad into beachs and tracks around the state , in low range , its a bloody tight fit on some tracks , but the old girl keeps going.

Old school all the way mate !




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 Thanks quadfisher,I am

Sat, 2017-04-22 18:13

 Thanks quadfisher,

I am unsure of what happened with the tyre - 4 year old, with one trip a year, and I checked the pressure that morning at Galena bridge... Destroyed it though!!!

The 60 is my daily driver, and I drove it to Broome / Cape Leveque last November. Any bugs that appear are of the very unexpected kind!!!

Living in Binningup, we are down the beach most weekends in it, and the temp is always good (although, as I said, the Redarc may be making me more aware of what is going on!!).

next is an intercooler.....



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 just got myself about to do

Mon, 2017-04-24 08:37

 just got back myself, about to do a report

with the 4.5m quintrex and the 1986 60 series :)

will post up a couple of pics in the next couple of days 

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Heading up that way myself next month

Wed, 2017-04-26 08:11

 We're staying in Coral Bay, but hoping to get a couple of days up Exmouth way - can I ask where you put the boat in to get down the bottom of the Gulf? Looks like a nice little launching spot there!