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First time poster alert...


Purchased my first boat about 3 months ago (2006 Trailcraft Trailblazer 660) which im obviously still learning more about each and every trip out.

We've had her down south and out from Hamelin Bay for a week in early March which had fished a few spots we had previously worked on my uncles old boat (2nd photo down south) and tried anumber of no spots without much luck.

Although, I've certainly found metro/cockburn sound fishing is a lot of trial and error - all part of the learning experience. I've had days were i thought i picked the wind right & swell, arrived early to woodies & we've caught nothing and been bashed around a bit in the process - but hey thats fishing.. Then we've had days like Good Friday which is what this post is mostly about, where we have struck gold.


Again taking off from Woddies around 6:30am, (car park littered at that time already) and headed out to a few previous owners spots marked behind Garden Island, not luck for about 30 minutes. Dad & I have always wanted to head to the FAD's, although my Garmin GPS model is now 10+ years old (like the boat) & doesnt allow the option to enter specific marks to be able to set a correct track to the FAD locations - again probably something i need to learn some more about.

however, we tinkered off from behind Garden and spread a bit wider and back north to the back end of Rotto. Saw a few boats sitting all pretty close together, so though we'll keep out distance and track around try to find some ground.

after a few bad days previously, i've not had much faith in my Garmin Fishfinder250c model in picking up good ground. however, found a great lump that picked up a reasonably quick depth change & thought lets have a drop.


Trial and error never really had us burley up, which i was cutting up some mullie every now and again and dropping that over. I got slammed by something, which we pulled up & was a reasonable 4kg pinky, my first Metro one also.

Picked up the sea anchor and slid back up the drift line we had come down on, and Dads Rod went bang.

I get excited thinking about it now, as i was yelling, screaming, & trying to get ourselves sorted around the boat for when he hopefully got it surfaced.


It wasnt the biggest Dhui i had seen, although first to crack the 10kg mark on my new boat & no one better then the old man. For the 3 of us at home, there was enough fillet for Friday lunch on the Pinky, but topped the day off being able to get the grandparents over for a lovely feed of Dhui & Pinky.


Dad's apart of a local Beach & Rock based Amatuer Fishing club, (which im not sure if Admin will let me give a plug to, as they're always welcoming new members). Although to see the enjoyment he had with this dhui is something you can't trade in the world.

He dropped something else big, which we reckon was another dhui & looked to had frayed line in a similar area that hadh tangled over mine when i grabbed the pinky earlier (god send to get the first dhui up also).


We're off to the Abrohlos with Apache at the start of May, which after last years week trip, i cant wait for.


Now - got the long part out the way & as mentioned always looking for some help with the boat,

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction for a reasonable Marine Trimmer, who'd be able to make me a custom fit full cover for the boat - she sits out the front at home & looking for that bit of protection to help in keeping her condition for a few more years to come.


Also, GPS/Sounder combos, im looking for a new combo which i've had a couple freinds tell me about their Lowrance Elite 7ti, and getting the upgraded transducer / structure scan etc.

Haz anyone dealt with Hummingbird or alternative combos and would recommend something around the $1500-2000 mark?


appreciate the help, and happy fishing to all.


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Well done on the quality fish on good Friday

Wed, 2017-04-19 16:09

 Beats paying top dollar for the shit at this time of year. As for a marine trimmer use the search function, it'll bring up a few older posts from people asking the same question. 

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 Well done and congrats on

Wed, 2017-04-19 16:18

 Well done and congrats on the new boat!

As for a good marine trimmer, give Tim a call at Cutting Edge Marine Trimming - 0432 062 834 - He does excellent work!



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Awesome stuff!

Wed, 2017-04-19 17:00

 Great stuff mate! Bloody awesome report too! 



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 Doing alright 3 mths in onto

Wed, 2017-04-19 17:59

 Doing alright 3 mths in onto some good fish  .. nice looking tub as well 

Gk Trimmers Canningvale seems to pop up a bit on here ( they should become sponsors ) ..
Someone will tune you in on the combo’s hopefully , I’m about 10yrs behind the times  
Is that a sgt baker did you cook it up ? , I’ve caught plenty used for bait and never eaten one though the flesh looks alright  

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Cheers Chris Raff, thats a

Thu, 2017-04-20 08:00

Cheers Chris Raff,


thats a Harlequin, pretty common down around South Coast is my understanding, we've had a few over the years from Hamelin Bay.


ran a search yesterday and confirm GK seem to be most popular, i'll hit them up.



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 Well done mate 

Wed, 2017-04-19 18:43

 Well done mate


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 Nice work. Fair effort when

Wed, 2017-04-19 21:04

 Nice work. Fair effort when you're new to boat fishing!


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Good stuff...A custom cover

Thu, 2017-04-20 09:00

Good stuff...

A custom cover is going to cost you a small fortune. Have a look on ebay for some of the generic ones. Though no where near as good as a custom made canvas job, they do the job for a few years but cost 10% of the price...

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Thu, 2017-04-20 09:11

thanks all,

appreciate the comments and help.


save a few dollars on an Ebay cover, and replace every couple of years, spend more on the Combo ;)

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Nice lil Haul!

Mon, 2017-04-24 15:45

Hey mate I bought a Kaiser Boat cover off ebay a year ago to suit a 5m boat with rocket launchers and it's been great so far! I added some better straps from clark rubber but other than that seems to be pretty heavy duty. I think it was around $260ish.
As for combo's I'm also on the hunt... I have a out dated Navman which is poo.


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Purchased Cover

Wed, 2017-04-26 11:42

Grabbed a pretty standard 7.0-7.4m model from Whitworths on Stirling hwy on Monday. thought i'd go a touch larger to take in to account the extension on canopy & rocket launches also.

Thought if it last me 2-3 years at 10% the cost of a custom cover, then over 10 years i'd still be ahead.


they have a ripper selection their, i reckon i'll be making a trip back for a combo & audio setup.