Another good morning inshore

After last weekends successful inshore run, spent some time on Navionics looking for new ground to try next time.

Found what looked to be a nice ledge and decided to try it out Sunday morning.

Hit the spot and sounded around for 30 mins marking some good shows on the sounder before anchoring just off the back edge in 11m.

Threw a bait out while getting the burley ready and got hit on the drop but didnt set the hooks.

Next bait hit the target and scored a small but sized pink at 540mm, off to a good start.

Went quite for a while, big squid on a snelled rig dropped boatside and a port jackson.

Pretty much right on sunset the snell rig went off, pulled some string and after a good fight, up came another pink at 610mm (metro PB).

Before i could get the hooks out i had the other rod go off, another pink, this one just under.

This continued for the next 30 minutes with about 7 pinkies boated total, mostly undersized admittedly.

Went quite again before the Sambos moved in, hooked 4 including the silver 1 pictured below, not sure if this is just a Sambo with slight colour differenct or something else (as per my other post).

Overall had my bag and back at the ramp by 7:30am, awesome day out and keen to get out again.


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 Well done. Sounds like you

Mon, 2021-09-13 21:34

 Well done. Sounds like you had a great session 


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