Winter Busselton Weekend

Just spent the weekend down in Busselton as a short boys trip for my birthday. 

We stayed in a holiday house in Abbey Beach which was perfect, particularly the fire pit in the backyard.

The plan was to use the Abbey ramp each morning and just fish in the bay, first attempt was Friday morning when we found the whole ramp totally sanded up, pretty much to the car park so no chance we were attempting that, frantically searched google for another option and spotted the ramps in the marina East of Busselton town.

These ramps were great! such calm water and steep ramps and plenty of them.

Being further East though when we came out of the marina we were copping the Westerly winds harder than we had hoped, didnt go too far and sounded some ground which produced two nice king georgies, good enough off to the pub.

Saturday was a total blow out, thumping Westerly even in the bay was rough as! So we scoped out the other ramps in the bay in the hope to pic one for Sunday.

Also went for a quick squid off the jetty for about an hour in the miserable weather which produced 3 nice size squid, again good enough and back to the pub.

From our scouting on Saturday we had decided to launch at the Old Dunsborough ramp (Quindalup and Abbey both being totally sanded up and the Marina just being too far East for where we wanted to fish)

Sunday morning it was glass in the bay! The Old Dunsborough ramp is nice and steep from the carpark but then at the water it is such a shallow angle on the ramp, had the car well and truely in the water to launch the boat (dont know if it is better with a lower tide as we were an hour before high tide).

Quick ride out into the bay, anchor and burley, casting plastics into the burley trail and managed 3 pinkies, first 55cm, second 75cm and third 51cm which went back.

Two hours on the water then back in to clean up the house and head home.

All in all was a great weekend really, managed a cook up of the squid and KG on Saturday night and spent every night around the fire pit just talking absolute sh*t with the boys, topped off with a fish just before heading home haha.

I think it was a really good mental break for a lot of us and we may make it an annual trip now.

Cheers for reading :) 


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 Sounds like you had a great

Mon, 2021-08-23 21:32

 Sounds like you had a great weekend.  Sometimes you need that to just recharge the batteries.  


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