Any Cabinet makers

 Any cabbies, builders in the fishwrecked world looking for a casual subbie cabinet installer?

My situation is this, im a stay at home dad who works as a casual 2 days a week if my boss has the work. My mrs is a full time teacher and i work when shes on holidays. Ive been installing mid and high end cabinetry for 7 years (full time up to last year, casual this year) ive always worked either solo or with an apprentice as an offsider. Im looking for a few blokes that would be happy to keep my contact and give me a few jobs here and there when i/you need. Not looking for full time work or anything just a day or two here and there or Saturdays when the weather is crap. Ive got all my own tools and fixings. Cheers


 Hi my name is rob............. and I'm a........... fishaholic