anybody got any info on the coraline 620 walkaround

 Looking at purchasing a new boat, really like the looks of  the coraline walkaround 620. Cant find many reviews. Anybody been in or own one. Would really like to know how it rides and  the stability the reverse chines give the boat at rest? How would it go on a following sea coming back from rotto?  


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 Ask 'Catchalittle' he just

Wed, 2013-09-18 09:51

 Ask 'Catchalittle' he just sold his so he might be able to help

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 brenz's old man runs boat

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 brenz's old man runs boat city.

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Thu, 2013-09-19 08:06

I have the 670 walkaround.

It goes OK.

Mines a 2006, it wanders a little with a following sea, but goes good into. Stability at rest is fine. We mostly fish 3 guys, with no issues. Have fished 4 at times, and that was OK as well.

We load it up with 4 guys for diving, 2 tanks each, and dont have any issues.

Cab is big enough for my son to sleep, and even tuck the missus in there if she is getting too noisy.

Water pickup on mine is bloody noisy once doing over 25knots. Gets some cavitation. They have since moved this on the newer hulls. Actually the newer hulls from about 2010 (or somewhere around there) have a an extra chine i believe which would probably help performance in following seas as well.

Easy to tow. Easy to launch.