Anyone here own a quintrex 420 busta?

 Hi all, 


anyone on on here own a quintrex 420 Busta? If so feedback good, bad or otherwise would be appreciated. 

Potentially bought one yesterday (second hand) that is 3 years old and due to the absolutely diabolical weather, didn't get a chance to trial it on the water. They seem to get ok reviews online but after some more real world experience from people that actually fish here in W.A and not just an editor of an east coast magazine.

if you have one of these, by any chance what sort of money are they new with a 30hp 2 stroke on the back? 


Many thanks, scano




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Sun, 2017-07-02 08:57

my opinion is the quintrex hull is way to thin and they get thrown around too much once you leave the estuary, if you can you should look at a boat with a plate hull and not pressed.
If I get another after my shoulder is better it wouldn't be a quintrex..

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Thanks Shane o

Sun, 2017-07-02 09:00

so no good for fishing the 3 mile?


A plate boat would be good but the area where I need to store it etc, is too small for anything bigger. Plus a plate boat with reasonable donk etc is is up around the $20k mark.  I really just need something to get me on the water inshore chasing squid and fishing the 3 mile. 




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Mon, 2017-07-31 11:01

Hi Scano,


Ive got a busta and Im pretty happy with it.  Its been all over the state including Exmouth, Quabba, DHI, Steep Pt etc. Its a great little tinny. Ive got a pedastal seat about half way between the two bench seats and offsets the driver in weight which works well and the passenger does not get bashed around as much as if they were up the front. A dual bettery set up with sounder and plotter is great.


I fish the 3 mile with no issues.  Ive got a 30 Honda 4 stoke on the boat and with two people perhaps its a little under powered, but for one person its fine (depending on the size of the person!!).


Have you looked at the new stacer 439 tiller drive?  I think its about $14K with trailer and motor.  Looks pretty good to me as well.


Best of luck.


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Sun, 2017-07-02 09:10

inshore is ok, but not outwide

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 Mate I had a 420 busta with

Sun, 2017-07-02 11:47

 Mate I had a 420 busta with a 30 Yamaha on it and my wife son and myself use to fish the ffb all the time with no probs and have cought some big Spanish mackerel at exy in it out the back of Tandas in it with no probs. 

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Good stuff thanks for the heads up

Sun, 2017-07-02 12:13

 Yeah not expecting it to be an ocean going demon, just something to get be back on the water on calm days. 

Would mainly also like to use it for beach launching at places like ledge point, port Gregory, Exmouth etc.

I am sure that it would be fine at the bottom of the gulf in exy etc weather permitting 




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scano my son has the quinnie

Sun, 2017-07-02 15:29

my son has the 4.2 quinnie dory ,with the 30 yammy and my nephew the 4.2 busta ,with a 25 hp merc

both of them have customed the set up & closed in the front section on their rigs added epirb , vhf radio, bilge pumps and other stuff

-both of em regularly fish the 4 mile off busso and off margs and wider out to 7 -8 mile on good weather with no dramas

like most tinnies , there not particulary comfy at speed on rough water , there exposed to the wind and spray , but they go well for rigs that size imo and you wont regret your purchase , and they re sell very well



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 Brother had a 4.2 dory, I

Sun, 2017-07-02 16:09

 Brother had a 4.2 dory, I think the busta is pretty similar if not better than the dory (his dory had 2mm bottom and I'm pretty sure the busta has 3mm) 

we fished regularly out by the ffb with no dramas but obviously on fine days. Only time the boat got thrown around was when we went to fast for the conditions, I purchased a 4.2m plate Blade boat (locally made) with 4mm bottom & sides and 3mm floor that weighed a ton with a 60hp tiller steer and that also got thrown around if I didn't operate to the conditions. I think you will be happy with your purchase, perfect boat to get stuck into those big crabs/squid in exy


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Cheers lads

Sun, 2017-07-02 19:34

 Yeah I well aware that bigger / heavier boats will be more suited for rougher conditions. As mentioned, I really just wanted confirmation that the busta hull design was not a dud. A good mate of mine has a 4.6m ,4mm custom plate tiller steer tinnie with a 80hp 4 stroke on the back and it is a weapon of a tinnie. But it cost him about $27k all up by the time it is on the water and that's a lot of money if I went down that path, to be sitting in the garage waiting to go squidding a few times a year. I know the quintrex are like a hsv to a bogan (everyone's got one) but for a boat, engine and trailer package under $10k, you can't expect a lot more really. 




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You could look at a cheaper

Sun, 2017-07-02 20:49

You could look at a cheaper Trailcraft but you'll push over 10k-14k... still not amazing ride - thicker plate than a quintrex though, much better build imo, sealed/self draining deck and would have forward controls for sure. 


I had a 475 Trailcraft Tournament for 5 years and absolutely loved it.. sold it for 17500 with a 70 Yam with 600 hours - I know this is more than you want to spend but Ive seen the Trailcraft profish 465's for 12-14k.. definetly better/more capable than a quintrex IMO. My mate has a Quintrex 475 Coast runner and there is no comparison to my old traily.

If you want to keep it under 10k the Busta or Dory will slay the squid  

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Cheers mate

Sun, 2017-07-02 21:47

ive had the more flash and expensive tinnie before (465 side console with 60hp yammie four stroke) and although it was a good boat, it was a lot of coin have sitting on the trailer to get used about 5 times a year at best. I agree that sealed decks and self draining etc are a lot more user friendly, however that again comes at a reasonable build cost. I think I'll give the busta a go for a couple of years and then look to upgrade thereafter.

at least by keeping the cost down, I'm less likely to fall in love with it. All too often I research the hell out of something, spend the bigger $, for it to it to then almost be too pretty to use properly. This time around I am looking to have fun on the water, give it a general hose out afterwards, and be done with it. Not treating it like a 3rd child and protecting it from some hard times hear and there. Hahah. With a couple of kids, I want them to start learning the basics of Bungs in, forward and reverse, tiller steer, holding the boat whilst I park the car etc. 




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 The Busta sounds spot on,

Mon, 2017-07-03 05:26

 The Busta sounds spot on, you can smash it down tracks and not worry about scratches.. even drag it up the beach. Having recently gone from the 475 Trailcraft to a Southwind SF640 I know exactly what you mean.. it'd be good to get through a day without thinking about what improvement or maintenance i need to do on my 3rd child

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 ive got the 4.5mtr dory with

Mon, 2017-07-03 06:41

 ive got the 4.5mtr dory with a 40 4 stroke on the back. been out around 13nm out from the cut. mainly used for fishing for snapper, crabs in the estuary and squidding in the sound. i had the same thoughts as you scano as i had alot of money just sitting in my driveway not being used. last time i used my dingy or been fishing was around chrissy. 


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 I had a 4.2 dinghy I sold

Mon, 2017-07-03 07:28

 I had a 4.2 dinghy I sold because it sat around doing nothing.... not many "nice" days you can use  it past the 3 mile in the ocean around perth  

I know you said size is an issue but if you can stretch it I'd go atleast a 4.5  size wise and try getting something  you can steer from the front. Or even a centre or side console 

tiller steer I found to be a Pia  as you are always trying to move weight to the front and  the vision is not as good from the back 


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I agree.

Mon, 2017-07-03 07:43

I purchased a 4.2m Savage to take my grandson out now & then. It sits in the backyard all covered up ready for a nice day so the amount it cost me is irrelevant.
Spent some time & very little $$ doing it up & customizing it, dragged it into Steep Point 2 months ago.
Perfect size for up there & inside the reef down here. Did the east side of DHI & out to the point.
Now I have another grand child, I am looking at up sizing to the next level for a bit more room.
For what you need what you are looking at is perfect. Horses for courses & each has a valuable opinion to submit. But I think it all comes down to personal choice & what is available in your budget amount at the time.
Good luck with your choice.


Cheers & Stay safe

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 dad has a 4.2m dory which i

Mon, 2017-07-03 07:40

 dad has a 4.2m dory which i was halves in until i bought my bigger boat. it's been to the FFB many a time, snapper fishing heaps, squid and whiting fishing regularly, exmouth a couple of times, down south, up to two rocks etc etc. has a 40 on it and goes really well. it has a decent vee on it so not too bad in the chop but obviously need to pick conditions and drive accordingly. i would recommend it for that type of fishing and boating


p.s. the pic of me with the baldy is in that boat...

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 Scano you have picked well

Mon, 2017-07-03 08:42

 Scano you have picked well for what you want it for , I believe you will catch more than squid in it and looking forward to seeing some photos.

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Cheers mate

Mon, 2017-07-31 20:46

 Since the purchase I have given it he full once over by removing the floor and interior panels etc. gave it all a good wash out with detergent and clean water, sealed the wood false floor panels to prevent rotting etc. done a full service on the outboard, and did the trailer wheel bearings. Took it out for a maiden voyage about 2 weeks ago with the mrs and the young bloke on the river. It does 23 knots WOT which is more than enough for a tiller steer tinnie in my books. Also was really impressed with how it handled, and the simplicity of it all. Pull start and tiller steer means I don't even require a battery if I don't want to. It does have all of the good electrics linked to a switch panel (sounder, bilge pump, Nav lights etc) however they are not 100% necessary for the engine to run to at least get you home. In summary I stoked with the package as a whole, now just need some descent weather to get back out on the water again. 






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I always wonder what's going on.

Thu, 2017-08-10 17:42

 when I see fishos talk about spending money on a rig to have it just sit in the yard.

when you buy your rig then it's a case of getting out as often as you can!

fishing, crabbing, Crays, family picnics, trips up the river just for fun..towing the kids on a biscuit when they're big enough, .and so much more.

IMHO if you have a rig sitting there getting used a handful of times a year your just not making the effort.

its a matter of making the effort and you'll never regret spending the money.

I even use my tinny as a trailer!

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Hey lance

Thu, 2017-08-17 06:35

 I agree with your comments, yes you should use your boat as often as possible, otherwise there is no point owning it. Unfortunately day to day life tends to complicate the process of getting out as often as I would like to. Work, kids, wife, dogs, parents that are getting old ect. These aren't excuses, they are just facts of life, which consume a lot of fishing time! Hahaha




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 Ive had one since 2013,

Tue, 2017-12-19 14:22

 Ive had one since 2013, taken mine a long long way offshore plenty of times with little dramas. 

Worthwhile watching the plastic anchor well as the screws are a tad small for the holes and the plastic turns to crap after a while, also the drain pipe for the anchor well is crap and can leak into the hull.

Welds are also pretty average, the ones on the rear seat are only half finished, other than that they go alright. 



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Hey Scano,If for some reason

Wed, 2017-12-20 13:44

Hey Scano,

If for some reason the sale does not proceed have a look at Stesco 4.29 Catcher- Great little tinny. I took mine behine 3mile many a time and it was a cracking little boat. If I was to get another "open" boat this would be my go to.







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Boat collar

Wed, 2018-07-11 12:34

Have had a boat collar on my 429 Stacer for 5 years now and regularly fish the 3 mile. Well worth considering on a boat this size IMO.