Anyone used/know Shimano Jigrex PE5

Anyone out there in jigging world used or seen used a Shimano Jigrex spinner PE5 rated for jigs up to 300gm,?
The rod seems to be a handle and tip section with reversed bright chrome Fuji rings and a proper Fuji jigging tip.
Its a sort of dark pinky/red coloured blank with black hyperlon grips and silver allu gimbal.

Found the above spec. rod today in a local store and it seemed a very nice jig rod indeed.
It has a made in Japan label on it also.(?)

I really would appreciate any comments from 'end-users' or anyone who has seen such a rod in action.

Q: Does this rod have a lock-up point, if so where on the rod does the lock-up occur?
Q: Will this rod hold-up when on a 40-60kg fish, or does it fold over with no real fish stopping power?
Q: What is the max. jig I can use?
Q: What is the max. drag I can apply to this rod (at 45degree fighting angle) before I get 'problems'?

Thanks in advance to all who reply.