Hey People,


I know a lot has been written on the subject (I have read most of it) but was anyone keen to help a complete newbie get setup?


At this stage I was planning on using my surf rod (posidion 5 piece spin with the heaviest tip) and purchasing a new Saragosa 25k to hang off it. Note this will be mainly for use off the beach and I would consider another rod for off the rocks at a later date.

I was thinking about loading it with 50lb braid and a topshot of roughly 150m mono (to also allow a bit of sliding if the wind isn't favourable). The reason for also staying with spinning reels as I suck at casting an overhead.

Terminal tackle would be standard, like what has already been discussed before. 90cm balloon attached to 15-20m of line sliding along 1 side of the double. Wire, hooks and gar skipping along the surface.


So my questions are;

Am I nuts and there is a far better setup avaliable for similar cost?

Is 50lb main line overkill?

What lb mono topshot would you recommend? (I was thinking 60lb but would have a casting leader attached if sliding).

Is there anyone out there, who would be keen to take someone like myself out and teach me the ropes? I've got a 4x4 and can pay my way, etc...

Due to work/family commitments I cant see myself getting out enough to justify getting a bottle from BOC. Are the small party balloon disposable bottles ok to use? I realise it might not be as ecomonical.


Anyway, thanks in advance and dont be affraid to shot me down if I'm nuts. All going to plan I would like to land a mack before Easter.

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 hi, the new saragosa are

Sun, 2014-03-23 20:42

 hi, the new saragosa are awesome. the size you got would stop a 3 meter shark. i would of had sooled it with 80lb braid and 80lb wind on leader. it is abit to late for macks now as the water is getting cooler. you might be super lucky if you get one on a mack on a boat now that the water is getting cooler. hope this ansered your qestion.

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As you say you will be

Sun, 2014-03-23 21:10

As you say you will be fishing Skip baits, Im assuming you will be targeting macks ? If so, Yes I think the top shot mono is too heavy, the braid probably doesn't matter so much but lighter would be ok. 30lb mono top shot would be plenty and it would allow you to get out further.You also wouldn't want high breaking strain on a spinning reel.
If your chasing sharks the rig you mentioned would be ok I suppose.

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Thanks for the replys guys. I

Tue, 2014-03-25 14:01

Thanks for the replys guys. I haven't purchased the reel yet but the next pay check is getting closer.


My thought behind 50lb was that it would handle some sharks (no monsters) when sliding and then when ballooning should be more than enough for a mack. I'm expecting to get over 700m of 50lb on the spool including topshot.


Otherwise the thought of having two spools has crossed my mind but it might be cost prohibitive considering the cost of the spool and extra line. 

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Whilst Im no ballooning

Tue, 2014-03-25 19:11

Whilst Im no ballooning expert, merely a novice actually, I do enjoy bit of land based shark fishing - slide baiting, dead baiting or ballooning. 

I tend to use spin reels predominantly - I get ~600m of 50lb braid on my Shimanos and around 450m on the Saltigas, I have recently been trying out a Trinidad 30 for ballooning (which doubles up for heavy jigging, trolling) and when I can master it OH surf casting. Again I spooled with 50lb braid, of which I can get around 750m of .27 diam and 600m of power pro.

With regards to mono - I nominally run 50lb for spin purely to aid with casting, but only 10m ish. With the OH I will change the leader to suit, 60-80lb would be fine with 30m ish, and agree with tyrmyluck that you don't need massively heavy poundages to get results. If you have sufficient capacity of braid on the reel you should be able to beat most (even big sharks) - Ive had little issue up to 2/2.5m if there is room to play. If you have good quality mono leader then you have some contingency in the elasticity of the mono. But terminal gear is very important too so don't forget it.

Water temps won't change overnight so would be worth picking your locations for a mack (and outside of metro wagoe/kalbarri is nice now the winds are desisting), otherwise there tends to be sharks locally for most of the year.

60cm balloon and fill up will cost $11 from the party shop on Hutton St if you NOR. Spotlight will do the gas cylinders from $47 (plus deposit), but have refused to fill balloons previously. 90cm balloons cost $6 from bluewater scarbs and I think $15 for 90cm balloon and gas at hutton st. I had a full blue mackerel dancing on top of the water with a 60cm balloon on Saturday evening.

There are others with more experience who will be able to offer better advice - Sherbs and Chrisfish likely to be two.

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 you can buy the disposable

Wed, 2014-03-26 08:02

 you can buy the disposable helium tanks for $50 at spotlight too.  Nice and light and lets you go on spur of the moment ballooning trips. 

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Wed, 2014-03-26 08:30

if anyone is after some gas I have a near full D bottle sitting at home that I doubt I will use should have enough for 11 90cm balloons left in it

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Hey Guys, Sorry for the late

Fri, 2014-04-04 08:11

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the late response. I've been working unfortunately.

Fingers crossed I can get down to Oceanside today and see if they can help out. Then I'll let you know how I got on.


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Oceanside is the best.

Fri, 2014-04-04 16:35

Oceanside is the best.