Barcrusher TM260 Transducer mount

Hey guys,

I have a TM 260 and cant get a good reading with 3 shims, has anyone tried these brackets from Barcrusher before?

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 I fitted the same transducer

Wed, 2017-11-08 15:38

 I fitted the same transducer to my mates barcrusher. I used 4 shims from memory and got a clear pic doing 38knots on a furuno 588.


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 Ye 4 is the go but they are

Wed, 2017-11-08 18:25

 Ye 4 is the go but they are hard to stabilise in one spot when doing the bolts up . I took  the stainless bracket to my local fabriacator and changed the angle so now bolts straight on transom and reads good and u can still adjust with one wedge if u need to but mines really good without 

Also don't put it to low hope this helps