Bayrubber Jigs

Hey guys i heard a little about these bay rubber jigs but everyone i have spoken too says they havent used them but head they are pretty good.

Have any of you guys used them before? How do they rate?? would you reccomed them over baits if you were chasing dhu/snaper out at 5 fathom bank??

thanks alot.

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Thu, 2008-11-20 18:12

to get out but broken jaw prevents me...otherwise i would be using them. info in recent fishing mags rates them well.

just give em a slow lift and drop nothing to aggressive.

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I've used them with pretty

Thu, 2008-11-20 19:56

I've used them with pretty good success. About half of my dhufish have been caught on the octa jigs. Depending on the head of the jig, some you can just leave in a rod holder as you drift and the drift plus the rocking motion will do all the work. Otherwise work them as damo said. You dont need to strike aggressively either as the fish tend to nibble on and hook themselves (put a little bit of pressure to set the hook though).

I like starting out on baits, then switch later (for more fun or to vary it up). You can also lace one of the hooks with a piece of octopus tenticle or squid tentacle for the smell.



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