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 I have had mine for 1 year now and shes a good boat. Its a 6.8 Hard top although the hard top was an add on. I have heard people say they have had trouble with broaching with these hulls. I'm interested to know if anyone else has one of these boats and what they think of them. I did see another one exactly the same as mine ( besides the hard top ) in mandurah about 4 weeks ago so i know theres at least two of them left haha.

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I know a guy that deckies on

Sat, 2015-10-17 18:27

I know a guy that deckies on one and says it has a very average ride, was only talking about it today actually. Didn't really ask what the issue with them was.. Could also just be inexperience skippering

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 I was about to say I looked

Sat, 2015-10-17 19:01

 I was about to say I looked at one for sale a while back similar but realised that it was yours I looked at. The Suzi still going strong? 


Does anyone know where the love of god goes, when the waves turn the minutes to hours?

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Sat, 2015-10-17 19:47

 Good shit, Yeah suzi all good although old mate didnt have the paper work to back up the service history i rang the guy who "apparently" was doing all the servicing while it was up north. He couldn't go back very var in his recdords but assured me it was done and well looked after and i had another mechanic check and he told me the same thing. I have put 140 hours on it in one year already and had some neutral start issues which no matter who i take it to cannot fix but its going in again this time im back. Nothing major to me just need to wiggle the throttle a bit to get it to start. I have had the cables replaced with no luck on the neutral startissue and had them adjusted about 3 times with a "that should have fixed it " and hasn't. Minor issue but strong boat and i agree the ride can be very average when punching into the wind.

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 Hi CrowieBit off topic but

Sun, 2015-10-18 09:39

 Hi Crowie

Bit off topic but I'm pretty sure the neutral start switch is in the control box so replacing or adjusting cables won't help. Need to open up the control box, it can be a bit fiddly if you're not a mechanicaly minded person though.

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Sun, 2015-10-18 11:09

 Hey Crowie thats my old rig

 i purchased that with 20 odd hours on it back in August 2007 - had a fold down soft top on it so the old boy i got it off could get it under his carport, I didnt have any dramas with it but youre right about the ride punching into it - i traded her on a haines centre cab and stayed with Glass ever since - send us your email and ill send some pics of it back in 07 

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 Moylee, was that the one for

Sun, 2015-10-18 16:12

 Moylee, was that the one for sale in Warnbro ?

I remember looking at one with a fold down top.

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Sun, 2015-10-18 18:20

 Sure was 

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Small world

Sun, 2015-10-18 20:29

 Beer buoy, i am a mechanical fitter by trade and yeah i could probably do it but peace of mind for me, i like to take it to suzuki people so i can blame them if anything goes wrong haha. Also there was nearly 1 inch of play in the cables which can contribute to the cause of the problem not starting. Plus i hate fiddly shit


Moylee. I have sent ya a pm :)