Bayswater Mullaway

 Hey guys, I was wondering if there were any mullaway around the garrotte road bridge. Also do yellow tail grunted work as fresh bait because the size limit for bream is 25cm so it would be a bit to big. Thanks

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Any day now

Sun, 2016-10-23 15:52

They should start to come through over the next few weeks.
The bait fish are starting to school up from the causeway around to Belmont and Maylands.
I prefer tiny Trumpeter rather than Grunters, but either will work.

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garrot road

Mon, 2016-10-24 11:42

 i wouldnt use either as a live bait expecially bream and for garrat road there is not many blowies around there so what i would do is buy mullet from ur servo slice a decent size fillet put it on two snelled hooks lightly weighted throw it out and wait for mulloway or bullsharks to come along loads of fish and sharks in that area just get your times tides and moons right 



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Bayswater mullas

Thu, 2017-01-26 22:47

 Hey Kezza5203,

I live in Ascot and in the past few weeks I've seen some solid mulloway  (around the metre mark) that have washed up at sandy beach reserve as well as left over filleted mulloways discarded on the river bank so I'd say if you hit up anyway on the upper reaches well into the night you have a chance of coming across one, every day I walk along the river and most times there's bait fish jumping around so there could also be a tailor hanging nearby!