beach camping spots?

Hi all, thought this might be the best place to post this question.


I've just had a roof tent fitted and am keen to find a nice camping spot, not too far from Perth, to introduce the missus to the pleasures of beach fishing.

I'm hoping to find somewhere quiet and remote (no rangers/boguns!) that has a fair bit of level beach left to camp on at high tide. Not too bothered how good the fishing is at this stage.


Any suggestions much appreciated.



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Wed, 2012-11-14 15:16

 Well you can't have everything but try wilbinga or whitehills and just accept your in the land of the bogan

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Yea if you go to wilbinga

Wed, 2012-11-14 16:08

Yea if you go to wilbinga careful of soft sand at tip near reefy arm, lots of bogans to the south of the gingin observatory. O and a tip 12-13psi, also leave your rods and other gear in the car while you sleep, or ziptie/chain to your roof rack. Have never had anything stolen when out with my dad, but heard of a guy who had $600 dollars worth of rods getting stolen. May have been an isolated event/maybe not. Dont let me scare you off, great place really nice people sometimes, just go north, careful soft sand around point as you come out from road.

We turn off the main road almost opposite the turnoff to gingin observatory, it is blocked with boulders and a tree which some one removed, use the area near the pine trees to go down to 12-13psi, maybe 15-18, not over 20. When you get near the beach head north for as far as you want, and find a track that goes to the beach. If you have a look on google earth there is a bowl of sand in the dunes that is sheltered, just outside it is an arm of reef pointing nw into the ocean. cast on the northern side of that so no snags. Have seen big mullas cruising along.


you should be able to get removed, and dont camp too close to water, say 10m, but plenty of dunes and stuff you can camp in. chopper tailer, whiting herring sharks and big mulloway and sharks will sometimes come through. heavy sinkers on windy days, pick structure/gutters.

Good luck. PM me if you want any more info.

Fisher kid. :)


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Thu, 2012-11-15 06:39

Agree with your comments fisher kid about locking your rods in the car.  I dont go up there on weekends if I can avoid them, and thanks to my roster weekdays are the go.  there are a few dodgy people driving around late at night, gear going missing would not surprise me at all

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Fri, 2012-11-16 12:20

Thanks for the suggestions guys.


What's with the feral fisho's??!! It's a sad state of affairs if a bloke can't have a fish without worrying about being robbed...

I can do without that sort of company when it's just me and the missus so I think I'll stick to midweek trips.


Thanks again,



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Sat, 2012-11-17 18:19

Yeah weekends can get very busy up there.  I was up there with a couple of workmates north of the shacks, last night as a party of 4x4's came barrelling through late on (I think it was Perth 4x4 club) doing some heavy dune bashing at some speed.  There were around 6-8 to begin with around 9.45 and then went back down south around 10.30. Did some damage to the bushes on the way through (which did help me with clearance on the narrow sections) but I was amazed at the traffic going through - even at 11.30 when we were leaving there was a queue of cars deflating on the inroad at 2 rocks.


Anyway some beautiful areas up there and plenty to take shelter and get out of the way of wind or muppets.  Seems to be fishing well at the moment and the weed is clearing places