Beach candy

 Quick flick after work today. Chasing 

some tailor I can turf back out on 

another night lost some good ones

thru some little ones back . Picked 

up baby shovel thinking it was a good 

flathead . Doh .. good way to finish 

off the working week standing in

the ocean . Cheers pirate.

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Certainly a great way to

Sat, 2022-12-03 09:38

Certainly a great way to finish off a day working. Hope you can convert them baits into a good arm stretch and maybe a great feed


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Great fun catching these,

Sun, 2022-12-04 06:23

Great fun catching these, nothing more relaxing than a beach session.

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 Nice end to the week Pirate.

Mon, 2022-12-05 11:46

 Nice end to the week Pirate.


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Mon, 2022-12-05 22:14

 Need a bottle next to the shovel for scale neighbour! Big flattie.... small shovel!