Best Handheld GPS for 4x4 tracks...

 Im looking at all the 4x4 tracks down in Bremer Bay on Google Earth and wondering if those would on any Handheld GPS devices.. or can be loaded?


Does anyone use such a device, recommend a good one?





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For all the tracks around

Sun, 2012-09-23 19:25

For all the tracks around Bremer Bay i just printed out images from Google Earth so i have my own hardcopy of the tracks(satelitte images) of the area down there to follow when i am driving. Alternatively i have an old Magellan Explorist 100 that doesnt have any maps but does tell lat/long, grids, etc and i just use that in conjunction with a topographic map.

What areas around Bremer were you interested in? Reef beach, Fosters Beach, Cape Knob/Dillon Bay, Point Henry/Point Gordon, Point Hood, Doubtful Island Bay? Sorry sooooo many 'regions' of 4x4ing down there :)

I have maps of all the area in jpeg format if you would like them?

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 That would be great if you

Sun, 2012-09-23 19:43

 That would be great if you could send through those maps!!


I usually do the same thing.. but Bremer Bay seems to have a heck of alot more tracks than other places i have tried getting out to with the 4x4, especially Cape Knob.. It was easy going last time with the southern tracks past the Little Boat Harbour turn off. Looks like one could get a little lost out at Cape Knob... but i bet the fishing is amazing.


If its not too much of a hassle sending those pics through.. me email is .


Thats awesome!!





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Email sent George.Yeah there

Mon, 2012-09-24 10:21

Email sent George.

Yeah there is a heap of tracks out towards Cape Knob, but for the best part its one main track with heaps of dead end offshoots going to fishy looking locations. Past Stream Beach turn off then there is a T junction. Right just goes to the sand dune, Left continues toward Cape Knob( a bit further down from here you can get some mobile reception with telstra, good to know if you need help), then you get to the sand drift which is usually passable with deflated tyres no dramas. But when you get to the other side there are two tracks. One continuing straight South toward Cape Knob and one that shoots left and East toward Red Rock.  The Track toward Red Rock is horrendous as it is mostly loose large-medium rocks. So if you want to do this have a spotter watching your diffs and underside. getting down shouldnt be too much of a problem, i just didnt like the look of going back up. I was on a quad bike when i went down there though.

Personannly i dont go down there anymore i prefer to go further out towards the Cape and fish some of the cliff/platforms that are at the end of the offshoot tracks. Note this is VERY remote and can be very dangerous to fish. I always fish with a buddy, i take a couple of PFD's with me which can be thrown in if someone falls in(but we tie ourselfs off anyway so not AS much chance of going in), and i always take my boat EPIRB with me. And of course if you need help there are certain points along the tracks headin back towards Stream Beach you can get mobile reception. 

Dont know if you have been to Fosters at all, but if the track isnt wet(hasnt been raining for days) its usually very easy to get all the way to the head of the beach, but its the track from there to get onto the beach, that getting back up can be a little fun. Its do-able though for someone who knows what they are doing and has their tyres down(which you should anyway if you are coming off the beach).

Never been to reef Beach, heard it can get soft so caution and probably travelling with another 4x4 is advised.

Some great camp sites and places to see, snorkel and fish out towards House Beach and Doubtful Island Bay. And the blowholes out there are pretty cool too if there is a big swell running.

Hope this helps your exploring down there. I havent been back down there in 2 years myself, but used to go there a bit as my mate owns a shack near Native Dog Rd. Love the place and want to get back down there again as soon as possible :)


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Google earth on smart phone or tablet

Mon, 2012-09-24 08:35

 Hi Bungel


If you have a smart phone or tablet you can download Google earth.

Google earth uses your phones/ tablets GPS to indicate your location on the image, If you go to setting in google earth you can select the cashe size to large and all the images that you visit while online will be stored untill the cashe is full.

All you have to do then is to zoom in on the area you wish to vist while you have internet coverage and follow the tracks you may wish to travel allong. the images will be stored in the phones cashe for later use. 

Just make sure your phone /tablet will start up google earth without internet coverage before you go.


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Maps in jpeg

Tue, 2012-09-25 06:54

 G'day Buz, won't mind copy of maps too please. My email address is .


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Hema Navigator app for the

Tue, 2012-09-25 11:01

Hema Navigator app for the iphone/ipad or the handheld unit itself has tracks for all of australia. mates have got them and say theya re great, you can even upload your own tracks for regular updates.


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