Best Tailor//Mulloway/Small Shark Rig

Before I begin I must apologise because this topic has been done to death but I can't seem to find my answers on the search function.

I am trying to work out the best rig to use when there is medium swell and drift...

I am not the best caster, maybe 50 meters, so I need the weight to get out, so lets say I am using a 4oz star. I always use a 40lb leader from a swivel. I run about 500mm to a tri-swivel. Then I run about 50mm to the sinker and then off the other side I run another 500mm of leader to the gang hooks (usually 3 or 4 x 4/0 tarpons).

I always find that if I run a traditional paternoster(ie the sinker below the hooks), the hooks tangle around the sinker line. I have always be sceptical about using a running sinker because if I am leaving the bait out there I want to have tension on the line and then I am of the opinion that this will cause the bait to sit on the ocean floor adjacent to the sinker, which in my opinion I not desirable. To be honest I never use a running sinker, no matter the conditions for this reason.

One of my concerns about this rig is the loss of casting distance because the sinker is not at the bottom and therefore my weight is unbalanced.

I use a loop for ease of changing over the sinker but I never use a loop for attaching hooks.

I am curious what feedback/advice any can give me.


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run sinker at bottom

Wed, 2013-07-24 23:13

When you tie your loop for your sinker put a  smallhook on it 1st and then tie the knot

Put sinker on after, Then cut hook with  set of sidecutters so only half of the bend is in the hook

Put your bait on the gangs then lift your cut hook and weight and hang it on the bottom hook of the last gang

This will drop off when it hits the water and give you longer cast

Or used fance wire----- Or go to [uk ebay] thay sell the same thing Bait clip $9.00 for 100 And 9.00 for shipping

total about 18.00 if its still the same

Make sure that the tag ends are short or thay will wrap around each other Which i think is happing to you

If not look at a diffent clip


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Thu, 2013-07-25 17:54

Thanks Sherbie...that is a great idea