Leader on a 2 hook snelled rig

 Hey fellas

Ive decided to switch to tht two hook snelled rig with a running star sinker above the leader for mulloway and gummies. My question is how long should i make my leader before its to hard to cast because of the hellicopter effect. Has anyone got any ideas how to keep a decent size leader an still get good casting distance. Thanks!

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put a bead above the top hook

Thu, 2013-07-25 19:44

put a bead above the top hook and use a running ball or massive bean sinker. no helicopter effect then mate. I use 50lb leader and 4/0 hooks I think with mine. no probs

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 So you run the sinker on ur

Thu, 2013-07-25 20:03

 So you run the sinker on ur leader and not above it. I could give that a go. Would have to b atleast a 6-8 ounce star tho as no bead or bean sinker would hold in the surf down here. 

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 would you be using a cork or

Thu, 2013-07-25 20:15

 would you be using a cork or something above the hooks? to keep it off the bottom? i always thought the reason people dont use the runnig sinker for big baits is to keep it off the bottomand less likely from the rays ? what are your thoughts? ive always used the paternoster for that reason, but as you mentioned pinnroof, casting is decreased, i may have to give the running sinker a go


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otherwise use a three way

Thu, 2013-07-25 20:22

otherwise use a three way swivel and attach your star sinker to the side swivel and your snelled leader to the bottom that should sort you out



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 Crezz has a good piece of

Thu, 2013-07-25 21:04

 Crezz has a good piece of advice there. If im rigging up with a running sinker I always run a bead (and a running sinker clip as well if using stars) to save the leads getting hung up on the knots. Now, I only tend to run a 30-40cm mono trace to a swivel then a bead then the lead then another bead. You can always run another swivel into the equation further up. This can be quite handy, the fish picks up bait, moves off then is snagged byt the resistance when the lead hits the second swivel.

I tend to run 60lb (though I don't mind going higher) super soft mono for the snells and anything betwen 4/0 and 6/0 circles or octopus hooks. Mulloway have some very sharp and fine teeth and the gill covers are like razor blades, I have lost very good fish on 80lb mono traces before!

The heavier the bait the more it will want to take the bias when casting and thats when you get the helicopters. If you want big distance the paternoster is a better rig in my opinion, and then run it with a breakaway for a big bait or an extra few metres. I havent found any issues with mulloway not liking the resistance of the paternoster in surf

Casting style and rod action will also have an effect so best to start rigging up different lengths and seeing how you go.

good luck.


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 Cheers guys. Yer i have the

Thu, 2013-07-25 22:52

 Cheers guys. Yer i have the gear for casting big baits. Usually a 10oz an bait with my breakaway HDX. And the paternoster is usually my rig of choice for this reason. Only reason ive decided to go the running rig is to stop my snelled hooks wrapping around my leader. I use 100 pound mono usually about 6' in length. Just looking for different casting friendly ideas. 

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I use the rig you describe a

Fri, 2013-07-26 10:13

I use the rig you describe a lot and have caught mulloway, snapper and gummys with it.    I like to run my leader (usually 80lb jinkai) at a length of about 1-1.5m.  The star runs on the mainline via a snap swivel.  

I think the spinning of the bait has a lot to do with the casting technqiue.  It took me some practise, but using my purglas 400/2 i've found a careful lob over the shoulder, so the bait and sinker are flying on a straight path stops the bait from spinning and the sinker running back up the mainline.