Boat lights

Hi all,

So planning to to do some night fishing in and around the sound and garden island this snapper season, and need to set up some boat lights

I have a 5.3m cabin boat and already have navigation and anchor lights.

Im going to put a floodlight bar on my bimini frame to act as a deck light ( looking at a hella marine one that I can alternate between white and blue, I’m thinking blue would be better to preserve night vision.)

I was considering some blue/white led strips under the gunnels but unsure if needed if I have the deck light bar?

Im not sure if I need some sort of fixed lighting at the front of the boat to see ahead when travelling. Is this recommended or would I be better off just using my night vision with hand held spotlight if needed 

cheers for advice


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I'd be very careful about

Sat, 2019-03-16 22:05

I'd be very careful about having a fixed light facing fwd when underway at night. There are strict colregs that apply to all vessels.

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 A spot light shining forward

Sat, 2019-03-16 22:10

 A spot light shining forward blinds anyone heading towards you, like having to stop the boat to get your vision back sort of stuff so don't do that.

I have lead strips (like a 5m roll) spread throughout my boat and it more than does the job.

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Agree with others. A spotty

Sun, 2019-03-17 09:05

Agree with others. A spotty facing forward is a danger to others. Better off to use your own night vision IMHO.

like swompa I have a long (7m) led strip light under the gunnel, and this is more than adequate to work with!


The above link shows some piccys of a night fish a few years ago. Shows how with just the led’s there’s still enough light to take photos etc.

good luck with it Joycey - i’ I’m sure you’ll love night fishing when you’re set up!




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