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I was wondering if anyone out there has or has had a Freedom Elite 6.2m ?  I have a Yamaha 175 2 stroke on back and large hydrofoil but get significant bow rise and porpoising particularaly at just medium speed. I've considered trim tabe but am reluctant to outlay the money if there's no guarantee that it would fix my problem. I am considering a transom wedge and or adjusting the height of the motor. At the moment it's at it's lowest height and at lower speeds it almost looks like the motor is going to get swamped. I am chewing through the fuel due to this problem and it's severely affecting my range as well.


Any help or experience with this model boat would be greatly appreciated. The boat is mint, just the ride is causing alot of issues.


Thanks ! 

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Tue, 2020-04-07 09:46

Often if the motor is too low in the water it will cause porpoising. What to check, tilt the engine down until the anti vetilation plate (Cavitation plate?) is horizontal to the ground. The plate should be level with the bottom of the hull. If not, raise or lower the motor to suit. Check this first. If you need guidance on how to raise or lower the motor let us know.


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 Thanks - I'll check this out

Tue, 2020-04-07 10:48

 Thanks - I'll check this out tonght

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No well designed boat should ever need wedges

Mon, 2020-04-13 07:36

 Bradz is on to it. When you are running on the plane, the cav plate should be sitting on the surface of the water. There is no way that motor's weight is affecting it. Raising it involves a little work, you need to something ( or a couple of big mates) to support the weight as you remove the bottom bolts and slide it up with the top bolts loosened off, then put the bottom bolts back into a lower set of holes than they were in originally. Once you get it sorted, you'll  need to remove the bolts one by one, leaving the others tight, and reseal them. 


Just on the general subject of lifting stuff, I bought an $80 1 tonne chainblock from Bunnings late last year. It has been a bloody godsend for all the lifting I've had to do since then.