Boys Exy trip 2019 - pic heavy

After last years fairly action packed Exmouth trip which was going to be pretty hard to beat it we ventured back to exy in early April 2019 for another boys trip.

This year, 7 blokes, 2 large boats, 1 tinny and 38 cartons of piss. John F pulled the whaler up for a 3rd year to keep the tradition in tact. In keeping with tradition we kept the exmouth servo in business with our regular $1,500 fuelup days (Exmouth weather everything is 30+ knots!!)

A couple of new Green horns this year, with Troy and Daryl getting the nod with one of the canal homes being our base for the 2 weeks.


Initially we had planned a 12 day trip, however there were a couple of cyclones floating round (conviently named cyclong Bodie and Cyclone John for the trip) there wa sa debate prior to our intended departure of Monday the 1st of April and moved to Saturday the 30th as it looked like the 2nd week was going to be impacted by one of the cyclones. In the end, both went a couple hundred km's north of Exmouth and only got a little rain in the last day or two. NEedless to say we ended up staying to our original depature date of the 13th, much to the wives disgust!!


Broke the trip up on the way up with a stay over just north of Geraldton at diamond cove in one of the Chalets, commonly known now as 'The Dump'. Will be the last time we stay there, as we stayed in one of the road side camp areas on the way back in the swags and had a blast (mainly due to copious amounts of Beer, Wine, Wine in empty beer bottles, Scotch being consumed)


Arrival in Exmouth around 1pm on Sunday the 31st with a gulf glass off. The decision was made to quickly unpack and run out for a few rankin for tea. Last year we found some good rankin ground which is easy to get to, with about 12-14 marks to fish.Tthis year, it still had plenty of rankin!!

Drop 1 i think on the Fury


Drop 1 on the  Whaler


I think we ended up with 8 or 9 rankin in an hour or so and headed back in for the first night. Nothing better than panko crumbed fresh rankin, and thats night 1! oh and copious amounts of beer / wine / scotch drunk to all hours of the night!


The 2nd day out was to head up to the islands and have a play around on jigs, plastics, and maybe a little bait dependant on conditions. The weather was playing ball and the trip over to the Murians was pretty quick. With a bit of bird and bait action decided to put the lures in the water on one of my Mackie spots which has always fished well. Well lets just say it took 5 minutes!!!

Scano got the nod on the first fish, and a pretty good fish first up it was!! We put the call out that it was something like 25kg+



We had our mackie and John was doing just as well, with i think 3 mackies in a few minutes

With conditions good we pushed further north and a little deeper into the 70's picking up some more rankin and a few good fish lost to sharks.

Moved in a little shallower for a bit of shallow water jigging action, and old mate Mate comes up the goods, nice trout on jig, first for the trip!


The following day we had a man down, with one "unnamed" person coming down with the sh!ts and having to sit out. The weather on tantas side wasnt looking too great but decided to give it a run in the fury to see if we could find any bills about. Well it was rough as shit and we pretty much copped every wave over the bow in the centre console for about 5 hours, but it was well worth it!! Within the first 15 minutes we were hooked up on the first bill of the trip, a nice little 25-30kg black, which matt handled with grace


We saw quite a few more fish after this, but no real solid hookups for the best part of 4 hours. Having put up with enough of the weather it was time to call it a day, packing up the gear, bringing the riggers in and old mate Matt jumps on the shotty to reel it on (whilst we were stationary) only to say "i got a bite" 5m from the back of the minute line goes tearing off one of the tiagra's and a VERY nice sail dances across ths ocean, awesome sight. There would only be one bloke capable of hooking a sail, on a skirt, whilst the boat is stationary, 5m from the back of the boat...old mate tinny ass Matt. We were all happy as a pig in sh!t after this, made the day. I think we thought around the 30kg mark (cant remember them all)


The next few days were spent chasing prawns (uneventful with the neap tides) more jigging in shallow (rankins), another trip upto the Murians and beyond and a trip trip further north to Flat, Long, Table islands.

The closer Rankin jigging ground was going off!





The boys prawning...or more like drinking


Couple of pics leaving the marina



A couple days up around the islands, plenty of good fish!! mixing it up with shallow water stick baits, poppers, plastics etc. We had one epic day watching big mackies jump 4-6m out of the water chasing baitfish in 6m of water, and bagging out on trout in the shallows. Some fish up to the north, with the Whaler taking the honours with the bottom fish.

Nice Luna tail on Plastic in 6m of water


Den's first good trout on plastic, 8m of water


Scano's trout on jig in about 25m of water


Tevs go hard in the shallows


Solid rankin in the shallows on jig!


We spent 3 days in a row chasing bills whilst the weather was good, and had a lot of success. Total was 8 bills landed (6 blacks, 2 sails) and something like 30-35 raised between the 2 boats.

I got a sail and a black for the trip (sail being a first for me)





John and the boys got a couple bills too






Along wiht the bills there were a few bi-catch, although the YFT and wahoo were hard to find, only landing 1 YFT and 1 big wahoo lost



Quite a few reds, goldband about but nothing huge in size and took a bit of work to find, mainly in the deeper water.




These things go hard!!!




We ended up coming home 1 day early as the wind set in from the south east, and only missed 1 day during the whole trip with wind.

Brilliant trip, no injuries (there is usually one person who ends up in hospital!!), no damage to cars, trailers or boats (although Johns anchor did fall off the nose doing 30 odd knots and left a nice chip in the hull.

Everyone had a ripper of a trip, everyone caught fish and plenty of it, with mixing it up on artificals and bait, and throwing in the marlin fishing. The water water very warm up to 30 degrees in some parts, and on the last day we saw multiple sails finning about bait schools, but didnt have any gear onboard for themt hat day.


Return trip we stopped over at a road side carravan area, and polished off the last of whatever booze we had left... iwas a suprise we got through it all!!!

By the time we got to Jurien the following day, we had broken one of the green horns.


Next years plans are already underway and looking to be even bigger than this year with a couple more boats and a few more lads!!!


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There are a few more pics,

Wed, 2019-04-24 10:47

There are a few more pics, just working out how to add more than the 50mb limit!

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 Nice one Brodie........ 

Wed, 2019-04-24 10:59

 Nice one Brodie........



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get f$%#ed!

Wed, 2019-04-24 11:08

get f$%#ed!

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Looks like an awesome trip.

Wed, 2019-04-24 11:04

Looks like an awesome trip.


Bring on April

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Thanks for the great pics

Wed, 2019-04-24 11:10

Some great catch’s there you must have some very good spots to go to as you only mention the sharks once, good going.

With that amount of grog it is a wonder you could remember your own names after the first week. 

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yeah it was a little like

Wed, 2019-04-24 11:15

yeah it was a little like that, skippers were responsbile for the days (mainly me and john) but gave it a nudge in the evening.

although we used the marina as a base, we did use Bundegi once and tanta's 3 times, so having to drive the cars meant limited drinking for the drivers. Did bet pulled over one day for a RBT so they were about doing their jobs.


Sharks, well definintely not as bad as previous years, but having been up there for about 10 years now and always adding to the number of spots, if a spot has sharks you simple move to the next spot, get a fish or 2 off it, move to the next.

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I should have mentiond this

Wed, 2019-04-24 11:12

I should have mentiond this fish of the trip was an estimated 100kg black, which we did not get a photo of, as once we got it to the side of the boat it spiralled under the engines the the lure just fell out, best release possible, an hour ro so fight on a big black in about 80m of water was a pretty awesome sight.

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 Hell yeah that's a trip to

Wed, 2019-04-24 11:16

 Hell yeah that's a trip to remember

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 Looks like an absolute

Wed, 2019-04-24 11:49

 Looks like an absolute blast! Great fish and great fun from the sounds of it!

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Wed, 2019-04-24 11:56

Great write up and pictures.


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 great trip for sure. you did

Wed, 2019-04-24 12:25

 great trip for sure. you did well on the rankin. some great pics there and them chinaman def go hard. 

def a trip worth while


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Thanks, the Rankin are always

Wed, 2019-04-24 14:46

Thanks, the Rankin are always in good numbers, its actually hard ot get away form them, doesnt matter in your in 15m of water or 80m. We actually had a mad jigging session in 15-20m where we just go smashed by rankins. good fun!! Last year the exact same area held a 'few' rankin but loaded with all types of Trev's where we just got toweled up on PE4. this year couldnt find the trevs!

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 spose thats why ive heard

Wed, 2019-04-24 19:26

 spose thats why ive heard people refer to them as the blowies of the north. 

however i certainly wouldnt knock back a good haul of rankin


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Fri, 2019-05-10 18:27

 Blowies of the north, are just big fkn blowies 


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Wed, 2019-04-24 12:59

 looks like you guys had an awesome trip - thanks for the pics !

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nice work

Wed, 2019-04-24 13:43

 great write up Bodie , Exy certainly turned it on for you guys as it did for us a few weeks ago , absolutely awesome place when the weather/fish play ball - might have to get on board for the next one! when i find my new boat!

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nice work

Wed, 2019-04-24 13:44

 great write up Bodie , Exy certainly turned it on for you guys as it did for us a few weeks ago , absolutely awesome place when the weather/fish play ball - might have to get on board for the next one! when i find my new boat!

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 awesome trip guys

Wed, 2019-04-24 13:59

 awesome trip guys


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 As Bodie said, sharks are

Wed, 2019-04-24 14:16

 As Bodie said, sharks are always about but you just need to move as soon as there is ANY sign of a shark, don't fish structure, just fish little flair ups, which move around year to year..more than half our fish this year came off new spots we found.just driving around.


Just don't keep plugging away on the same spot, no chance of beating sharks.


Great trip.  




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 Totally agree JF, most fish

Wed, 2019-04-24 14:44

 Totally agree JF, most fish we get are off flare ups at Gnaraloo on about a 4km drift I have worked out, depending on the wind. Fark all sharks. The bigger ground always has the sharks hanging around. 


Love the West!

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Wed, 2019-04-24 15:12



all aggressive fish love bigjohnsjigs

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Awesome trip

Wed, 2019-04-24 16:03

Thanks for taking the time to put it together.  

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Wed, 2019-04-24 18:42

Awesome trip! And very much appreciated for those that drag their boats, cars etc all that way, for us to have such a good time as a collective.

Good mates, good fishing and good times. Bring on 2020 




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Great trip

Wed, 2019-04-24 21:21

Great trip thanks guys for the invite especially to Bodie John and Den for supplying the boats we had an epic trip one to remember great bunch of blokes to fish with and have afew beers with thanks.livn the dream bring on 2020. 

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Fri, 2019-04-26 10:00

 What a trip! What a range of species! 


Stay salty

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Farkin ripper matewell

Fri, 2019-04-26 16:07

Farkin ripper mate

well done

thanks for the report 

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Great report!

Fri, 2019-05-10 08:38

Gotta love Exmouth.

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 Top stuff, nice pics & good

Fri, 2019-05-10 09:13

 Top stuff, nice pics & good write up mate.

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Awesome mate. Thanks for the report

Fri, 2019-05-17 16:03

 I am heading up next week with a couple of lads. Do you guys tend to pull your Rankin out of the gulf ? We are staying at yardie homestead and spend most of our time on the west side. Havent really pulled many Rankin out from there...

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 what a great trip. I am

Mon, 2019-06-03 21:39

 what a great trip. I am itching to get up there in a couple of weeks!