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 I'm looking at having a boat built and although I've many people have commented on how good the workmanship is at Bullet Boats I haven't seen many comments from people who actually own a Bullet Boat. If you have had one of these boats or own one I'm keen to hear your feedback, please PM me. Many thanks 

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We got a 7.2 late last month

Mon, 2023-05-29 12:38

We got a 7.2 late last month and did 65 miles the first weekend and 55 nautical miles in it yesterday and have nearly done 40 hours in it in 4 weeks.

I was really pleased to find a bullet boat because the finish on them is arguably the best in the market. No griding welds so you get the proper sexy weld finish, if that is what does it for you. I know that others pay more for marketing or have cheaper labour, I personally feel that Willy sells boats because they are good boats not because of the price.

Our boat is 2.5 years old so I would expect some signs of movement (cracked welds) if there was any and she is clean as a whistle. 

Ride wise, compared to our 4.1m tinny or (now sold) 5.6m glass centre console - well it is very different as you could expect. Our cab is 200mm shorter than 'normal' Plug hulls so she punches a bit, or we just feel it more because we are sitting ontop of where the water hits. We went from woodies to Rotto yesterday doing between 19-24 knots and used 17l of fuel. Boats went past us though we were comfortable, dry and warm thanks to the windscreen.

Full noise with a 250 on the back is 37 knots as we found out yesterday but i find it a bit puckering at that speed. Fuel consumption is horrendous at that speed too.


Ours is painted (which i wouldnt do if we built) and in the sun, you cannot see any deformation from the welds, or any buckles or bends. She is smooth and sleek whereas I was looking at a brand new 8m boat from a new brand at Canning Motor Trimmers that was vinyl wrapped and you could see every weld on the topsides through the vinyl wrap and where you have the tube running along the gunnel, you could could see the grinds in the welds 


Not sure what else to say though there are no rattles (from popped welds) or vibrations or awkward looking spray deflection off the boat. She seems to have no interest of broaching, is stable at rest with 4 people on one side is overall very comfortable. I am very happy with the boat. 



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 Thanks Swompa 

Tue, 2023-05-30 05:48

 Thanks Swompa, some good information there cheers

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 Unsure if you know but

Tue, 2023-05-30 07:47

 Unsure if you know but Bullet boats is also Fish Hunter boats made for Midway...

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 Sent you a PM

Mon, 2023-05-29 20:14

 Sent you a PM

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 I got a fish hunter in

Tue, 2023-05-30 09:46

 I got a fish hunter in October 21. I've put 140 odd hours on it and love it, everyone that has a look around the boat is very impressed with the build quality. 

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Bullet Colt 4.5

Fri, 2023-06-23 08:56

 I have the colt 4.5 in the centre consol version.

Way more stable and smooter ride than my mates tinny.

Absolutely love it. Very stable and a reasonable dry ride. 

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 Update. Thanks all for the

Sun, 2023-06-25 18:38

 Update. Thanks all for the messages above and PM's regarding Bullet Boats. I didn't receive one negative message out of all up feedback from two dozen people. So I've signed off on a 6.2m walkaround, extremely impressed with all of Willie's work and very much excited. 

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Tue, 2023-06-27 12:30


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bullet boat

Wed, 2023-06-28 18:46

 i have 5.3m. centre console and if i were to do it again i would ask for the centre console be moved forward approx 400m.m. reason being, rarely use front section & i have a craypot tipper on it and need to remove seating  when crayfishing .