Bunbury Pink

 Managed to sneak a line in while checking some fuel issues on the boat on Monday off of Bunbury.

Didn't go too far as I'm not convinced I'm over them yet but managed to pick up a nice pinky at about 970 long and dropped a couple other good fish.

Got a few undersize snapper and a couple big skippy. 

Not bad for a couple hours run.

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 Nice one. 

Wed, 2017-10-11 10:22

 Nice one. 

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Big 'orse!

Wed, 2017-10-11 13:38

Big 'orse!


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 thumper. i swear i was just

Wed, 2017-10-11 14:09

 thumper. i swear i was just checking the fuel issue and these pinkies just jumped on board. 
well done. would have been nice to see that one come up


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Sat, 2017-10-14 12:08


I had a mate say the same thing as I told him I was only taking a quick run to check the issue.

Couldn't help myself and drop a line!!

Was great to see it come up. One of the couple other I dropped would've made it a perfect day!

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 Ripper fish mate

Wed, 2017-10-11 20:19

 Ripper fish mate

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Nice pink

Wed, 2017-10-11 21:48

the weather looks good. Didn't look like in mandurah on Monday. Blew its arse off. Definitely not what the weather forecast said

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 Yeah right thats very

Sat, 2017-10-14 12:10

 Yeah right thats very different to bunbury. 

I didn't go far out but I didn't leave the ramp till close to 10am, it was blowing south at that stage, and headed back in at about 1 and it was still decent although starting to chop up a bit. Can't believe it was so much different up there.