Busselton Fishing spots off the beach ??

 Hi All,

Taking a holiday trip down to Busso and ive never really had any luck off the beaches down there.

Any ideas where i could try ??

Staying in the Geographe area, but will travel to get some luck.


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 Down Qunidalup we used to

Wed, 2024-04-17 10:44

 Down Qunidalup we used to catch good whiting off the beach just using 6' or 7' rods as there are no waves to contend with. Single wide gape hook on a rig with the hook at one end and swivel at the other, with a sinker on a small loop towards the swivel end. Just make sure you cast into and near the edge of weed. Mainly yellowfin but got the odd KG too.


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Was down there a few weekends

Wed, 2024-04-17 20:33

Was down there a few weekends ago. Also stayed at Geograph. There's a small groyne down near where the small shopping complex is. Caught a few herring flicking lures around. Was also plenty of salmon around in the bay, with a truck load of people fishing from the beach at bunker bay.

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Quinny jetty is good if you

Thu, 2024-04-18 07:12

Quinny jetty is good if you have kids, just keep an eye out for boats obviously. Busso jetty is good for squid but you need to hike out to the bend in the jetty and just look for ink splotches. Good yellowfin from the Dunsborough sandbars at low tide.


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Similar to above

Thu, 2024-04-18 11:03

 Similar to the areas noted above. I have done well along the foreshore in Dunsborough just sight casting for whiting along the sand flats. I know people do it with small poppers and stick baits but I am lazy and just cast a small bit of prawn on a long shank with a tiny running sinker above just to help casting. 

I have had success anywhere between the foreshore straight in front of dunsborough town centre, north to the old dunsborough boat ramp. With some polarized sunnys you can just walk around in the shallows and you will see them (if not too windy). 

Squid off the busso jetty aswell are always fun!