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With the current weather of late, & new arrival to the family, havent been doing much fishin lately. went out last week & purchased a new dig camera (nothin flash, just a Canon Powershot S5IS).

Hopin to get some nice underwater shots, anyone know where I can get some great advise/price on purchasing a waterproof housing, & how to get the best shots? 

Complete newbie to photography, gernerally just a point & click type of person....Purchased the camera from Harvey Norman (get cost price) so couldn't get much advice from them

Any help or tips would be appreciated!

Here's a nice panoramic of the swan/canning from Kings Pk during my practicing.


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Tue, 2008-08-12 23:12

Locally, try Gerry Gibbs Camera House in Cannington - they have a selection of housings.

Ask to speak to Murray...he's a mad keen fisho !

Otherwise there's always ebay !





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Underwater cameras housing

Wed, 2008-08-13 17:24

Underwater cameras housing is more than than most careras mate . we bought olympus underwater camera 1030 sw for just over $500(cheaper online from us) and takes great shots check out some over our recent forums for pics on this site .

We looked into housings there was two things wrong with them 1 / price could not believe the price 2/ if you do not set it up right or your seals fail then you loose the camera aswell .

Other's on the site have now or are going to get the underwater camera oh yeah you can take normal pics with it and video with sound worth a look Just my opinion



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Yeah FF, the housing to suit

Wed, 2008-08-13 19:30

Yeah FF, the housing to suit my camera is going to be nearly double the cost of the camera itself. A friend just used one of these camera bags in Bali with terrific results!

Only cost $66, don't know if i'd trust it with my $500 camera, but it's meant to be good to 5M...

  • For use to a depth of 5 meters/ 16 feet
  • Case is sealed in an easy to open/close durable waterproof zipper system
  • UV coated polycarbon optical lens system offers superb picture quality underwater as well as on land
  • Lens can be detached to use case as a protective rain/dust jacket for the camera 
  • Anybody ever tried them?

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    Wed, 2008-08-13 19:44

    The bags a great for rafting, splashing and maybe surface snorkelling..

    Personally I wouldn't push them to the rated depth.

    I'm looking at a similar bag for a pro SLR setup... but once again only for surface stuff !

    Can't justify the $1800 for an Aqua Tech acrylic housing at the moment.





    Fish tomorrow !

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    Ive got an s3is and was

    Wed, 2008-08-13 19:44

    Ive got an s3is and was looking at a housing cost a few $$$ but my old boss has the original s1is and hes got the proper housing, works an absolute treat worth the $$$. he got his on ebay so they should be avaialable for an s5is.

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