Can anyone identify what type of squid this is

 Bloody humongous......caught today by a mates wife out of Exmouth

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 Cross breed, A Squid has got

Mon, 2023-10-02 08:34

 Cross breed,


A Squid has got stuck into a Cuttlefish somewhere along the way....


Probably because oil and gas the greens will say

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northern tiger squid??/maybe

Mon, 2023-10-02 08:59

northern tiger squid??/

maybe ababy kraken?/ :)


weird one thats for sure.!

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 Looks like a Tiger, that's

Mon, 2023-10-02 09:34

 Looks like a Tiger, that's massive.


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Wow, never seen anything like

Mon, 2023-10-02 14:51

Wow, never seen anything like that

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Mon, 2023-10-02 18:22

That would pull some string! How was it on the chew?

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First look at it I would say

Tue, 2023-10-03 06:36

First look at it I would say Tiger  but the colour is a bit misleading


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Tue, 2023-10-17 22:30

 Looks alot like a salt and pepper squid.



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Feedback on eating quality was very positive

Tue, 2023-10-03 14:48

Flesh was a lot thicker than a southern but still tender and tasty.   they got 9 but that was by far the biggest though they told me they saw two even larger specimens.....out near Exmouth artificial reef