Canning River, Canning Bridge to Kent St Weir

I've been spending a lot of time near and on the Canning river lately and wanted to write a report on it's health and the bream that I've caught. Some pics too!

Also I went to PT Walter with a mate on the 11th  and had an absolute blast catching and releasing about a 20 chopper tailor smallest being about 20cm largest being 35cm. Good fun on light gear!

Back to the canning...

Saturday 5th- had a delightful little session near Shelley Sailing Club. Went down mainly to let my son and dog run around! Caught and released several bream All 20-22cm though!  Schools of Bony Herring were everywhere!

Saturday 12th- Headed off to Canning Bridge in the tinny with the intention of burning  the fuel I had mixed that was laying around going stale. Pulled up next to canning bridge and caught about half a dozen smaller bream(about 20-22cm) on mainly baits did hook one on a blade off the bridge! Good fun they go hard there and use the current to their advantage. I also got 'pyloned' by something alot bigger! 5lb braid wasn't enough! Saw some crab drop net rage also!

Saturday 19th- Went kayaking with my son on the front and noticed lots of  Algae hanging around near the Riverton Bridge. A bit further upsteam I stopped and had a walk around at a spot where the river is quite shallow and has a sandy bottom, massive fish activity here Schools of bony herring and Mullet everywhere. Decent size mullet too some up to 40cm I thing. Caught a few small bream on an ecogear sx40. I'm sure bigger fish were around. Was awesome though seeing all the fish activity in the Area

Sunday 20th- Went down near Shelley Sailing club again to let the Dog and my Son run around again(and get him hooked!!), Caught and released several very fat bream all around the 25cm-30cm Range on baits. Even my Mum came down and got into it! Saw some young fellas catch a massive Flatty in the channel also. The River was looking very healthy indeed. Even saw a few large crabs!

Thursday 24th- Didn't fish but on a bike ride in the morning before work I happened to notice massive schools of big mullet (40cm models) hanging just over the the salt water side of the kent St Weir. What a spectacle, they were breaking the surface feeding on what got washed over the weir. Literraly hundreds of them. I wish i had my rod!


Thanks for Reading.

The Dude




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Great Shots!

Fri, 2013-01-25 23:14

Nice pics mate- simple fun


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Us too...

Sat, 2013-01-26 12:21

We fished the same places this week - one evening and one morning.  We caught a handful of 20cm bream and one 36cm flathead that went beautifully with a beer batter.  Great place for kids and grown ups alike.



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 Good report. Good work keep

Sun, 2013-01-27 13:18

 Good report. Good work keep it up looks like your doin well. 


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Ive noticed those mullet at

Mon, 2013-01-28 21:59

Ive noticed those mullet at the weir lately aswell. In my six years of living in the area Ive seen nothing like it, theyre almost tame

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Sounds like a spot to take

Tue, 2013-01-29 10:59

Sounds like a spot to take the fly rod at lunch time

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few years ago

Tue, 2013-01-29 21:35

i was down there for my nephews birthday, saw them and couldnt resist, rod with metal slice, jagged around 15 big f**kers. the kids loved them. all released but great day all the same