Carbontex Drag Upgrade - A few tips

Crap weather this weekend, so after doing the 700 hr service on the Verado, I looked at the fishing gear and decided to upgrade my old Ocea Jigger 1500NPPG drag.

The OJ is a cracker little reel, but its Achilles is the drag, which was always very weak and my thumb has the burn marks to prove it.

I used carbontex sheet and cut the washers with scissors and trimmed with a dremmel.

The thin carbontex sheet matched the original thin dartanium drag washers best....the thin carbontex may have been a bees dick thinner than the original washers, but bloody close.

After a thorough clean of the reel internals, the new carbontex drag washers were lightly greased with cals light drag grease and the new drag went in...all good. Then dicked around with the drag clicker (which consists of a little spring and tiny metal rod that sits inside the shaft.....that you need to hold in while screwing down the drag knb without it springing across the shed never to be found again.......)and finally got it together and tested it.........only for it to have less drag than before.....BUGGER!

After spitting the dummy and leaving the shed for a few hours, it finally got the better of me and I went back in a striped it down and checked everything......two things looked like possible issues:

1. The first drag washer needs a large inner hole to clear an inner ridge on the girth gear. If you make it too small, the drag only grabs on the inner bit and gives no drag.....looked close so I dremmeled it out a bit.
2. The next drag washer sits between a plate with tabs.....the thin drag washer lookd like it may result in the tabs bottoming out so I made a new one out of the thicker carbontex sheet you can get.

Back together, this time very quickly (always easier second time!) and hey presto, HEAPS more drag, feels like twice as much as original.

Happy days. Looking forward to testing this sweet little upgraded reel out.


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 just put a new bearing in my

Sun, 2016-07-31 21:08

 just put a new bearing in my Daiwa Saltist 40.
It looks absolutely identical inside that side cover...


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Very therapeutic servicing

Sun, 2016-07-31 21:26

Very therapeutic servicing stuff. Unless you fuk up.....


Boston Whaler 235 Conquest......getting the flogging it was built for.

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 Agreed with you John. I find

Sun, 2016-07-31 21:33

 Agreed with you John. I find it very therapeutic changing hooks, split rings, cleaning up and servicing the reel.

 However, once fuk up, the stress levels will shoot thru the roof!

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Good stuff John

Sun, 2016-07-31 21:51

 I upped the drag on my new model ocea jigger. The newer models have a drag clicker / ratchet built into the gearing. It is only held in place by a crappy tin retaining washer and 3 small screws, so definitely the weak point on the newer models. Mine failed within the first 12 months so I ripped it out. The newer ones also have 2 concave washers that go back to back so to speak, like this )(. If you put them (( then you don't get as much drag pressure plus it comes on a lot later. Basically due to not the right preload on the drag washer stack.


glad to hear you overcame the reel service demons after a few hours cool off, and that she is now ready for more jigging punishment. 






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new oj drag

Tue, 2016-08-02 10:08

 hi scano,

i did the same thing stripping out the drag clicker sound from my oj,

the original drag washer is so tiny, hence i cut them myself and increased the contact drag surface, the drag felt stornger and ssmoother after.

the original drag washer

left is the original washer and the right is the custom cut washer


to top it up with a custom stainless steel handle arm. 




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Yeah Scano, I have the new

Sun, 2016-07-31 23:12

Yeah Scano, I have the new Ttinidaf (high speed version of the Jigger) and I noted it had the clicker built in the drag knob.

My trini has already done bearings..... That is tomorrow nights job.


Boston Whaler 235 Conquest......getting the flogging it was built for.

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Hey John, What rod do you

Mon, 2016-08-01 08:21

Hey John,

What rod do you run the reel on? I'm on the hunt for a new combo and need some options for rods to look at.


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Hey kelvin

Tue, 2016-08-02 18:33

 Yes those original drag clickers are pretty cool when you first buy the reel, but once you realise how flimsy the setup is, or in my case have it fail mid fight on a good fish then you soon pull them out afterwards. 

I see you have one of the more rare jdm spec gold and black ocea Jiggers with the reverse star drag, bloody nice unit those ones.

i pimped the handle on my ocea jigger with a Stella 6k power knob, looks the part and performs well.

a final suggestion would be to make sure you service and repair the reel yourself, I have had complications of late having the reel "serviced" in Australia. Would have been better to just do it myself in the first place.







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Wed, 2016-08-03 14:59

 hi bud,

yea i service all my own reel, those overhead are easy to service ai. 

so friend send me thier reel too, often have some complication after been service in australia..




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Tue, 2016-08-02 19:52

where do you guys get the carbontex from?


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Wed, 2016-08-03 15:01

 i got mine from dowrigger online store, just google downrigger carbontex.



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 Scano this limited edition

Tue, 2016-08-02 20:34

 Scano this limited edition with the reverse star drag are stupid it's so confusing go from my normal OJ ryoga or saltiga 10h  to the limited OJ so I sent a few reels to reel spa and got it serviced better drag custom titanium arm     And is a lot better now 


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