Catching garfish in Mid-west WA

Hi.  Is it possible to catch garfish, pilchards etc in and around the Geraldton region?  And if so, by using which techniques?  Thanks


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Hi Sam...just typed in

Wed, 2012-10-10 22:59

Hi Sam...just typed in geraldton in the fishwrecked search box and quite a few pages come up might be worth a look for more localised info...gardies etc love berley if they're around they'll come small long shanked hooks maybe rigged with a floating berley blob ...I've had most luck with a dough mix as bait...if you can get hold of some maggots they as well as herring will be lining up to jump on your hooks..pilchards no idea


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Thu, 2012-10-11 18:56

 Hi Chris.  Thanks for the reply.  Yes I will have more of a look on this topic.  But just from your own experiences where would be a good location to fish for gardies.  Would harbour/marina type areas be the shot - calmer deeper water. Or can they be found in surf areas with rock/reef.  Thanks again