Land based Craying


I was wondering if anyone has caught any crays by throwing pots from land based positions, e.g. in deeper water adjacent to reefy outcrops or rocky areas?  I live in Geraldton and there are many such areas.  Obviously the large crays are only accessible by boat but I was wondering if legal size are a possibility and I should invest in a pot. Thanks


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 I'd say it's worth a go

Wed, 2012-10-10 06:45

 I'd say it's worth a go mate, a mate of mine used to paddle out a small cray pot on his surfboard and drop it in the desired location nice and close to shore. Even beter if you can get out to and then walk on the reef at low tide and wonder around and look for a hole in the reef (hole in cave roof type thing) and drop the pot in there, should come up with a few!

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Yep definitly worth it. You

Wed, 2012-10-10 10:20

Yep definitly worth it. You dont even really need to find extremely deep water off the shore, even 2m deep would be deep enough. I have set cray pots off some of the reef ledges around Horrocks and done alright at certain times of the year. Helps as the Pros cant get their pots that close!!! Just have to pick your days/nights to set them. Low swell and calm seas make it easier to set and retrieve, as does having a low tide. I have also set LB pots off the Cliffs south of Kalbarri at some of the areas where you can get close to the water and done alright. Havent done it around S bend but i reckon it would probably work there too, places like Duncans would be worth a pot. Just have to stay and keep an eye on your pot or else someone else may pull it on ya.

One thing though expect by doing this at some point you are going to have to get your snorkelling gear on to retrieve a snagged pot :)

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Wed, 2012-10-10 22:16

Thanks guys for the replys.  I am certainly going to give it a go, I applied for my licience today.

I was hoping to buy a couple of second hand pots.  I unsure of the following.

- Expected price for a pot (or two) in resonable condition

- Type (perhaps the Beehive type would suit me as these seem to be lighter)

- Differences in durablity etc between types of pots

- Common time to soak a pot (I'm going to just try overnight initially, between lows)

- Bait (I'm thinking somethink oily like pilchards or mullet)

- Humane way to kill crays (I'll try the freezer for 10min initially)

I'm looking forward to getting out on some of these land-bridged reefs at low tide and setting the pots off the edge (safely of course).